Release notice: Abajd 3.11

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Trevor Bača

Sep 10, 2022, 12:14:52 PM9/10/22

Abjad 3.11 is now available:

Abjad 3.11 works with Python 3.10 and LilyPond 2.23.6 (or later). Abjad 3.11 is a maintenance release that preserves the functionality of Abjad 3.10 without significant changes.

Note for users of Abjad's rhythm-makers package: Abjad 3.12 and 3.13 (forthcoming) completely restructure the interface to Abjad's rhythm-makers. In short, the entire object-oriented interface to the rhythm-makers ("first instantiate a class; then call that class to produce music") is being replaced with pure functions ("call a function to produce music"). This means that every call you make with the rhythm-makers will change, but in an obvious way. Because this change is big, Abjad 3.12 will function as a type of bridge release. This means that Abjad 3.12 will provide rhythm-maker functionality as both (old-style) classes and (new-style) functions. Abjad 3.13 will then remove (old-style) classes, leaving only functions as the permanent interface to the rhythm-makers package into the future. Examples will follow in the Abjad 3.12 release notes (sometime this month). Users of the rhythm-makers should consider upgrading to Abjad 3.11 in preparation for migration to Abjad 3.12.

Happy composing,

Trevor and Josiah

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