Leak Zip~@! ABBA Voyage Album Download

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Leak Zip~@! ABBA Voyage Album Download Popular singer ABBA Today dropped another great Album titled “Voyage” Its trending and is right here for your free download.

ABBA have said they will retire after releasing their new album ‘VOYAGE’ and completing its accompanying live shows next year.

The Swedish pop icons will release their first studio album in 40 years next week (November 5), ahead of a series of “revolutionary” concerts in London in 2022.

Voyage Album Tracklist:

1. I Still Have Faith in You
2. When You Danced with Me
3. Little Things
4. Don’t Shut Me Down
5. Just a Notion
6. I Can Be That Woman
7. Keep an Eye on Dan
8. Bumblebee
9. No Doubt About It
10. Ode to Freedom