AARD-Wikipedia: Missing Table of Contents & No-Frame CSS

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ckp6 ckp6

Sep 19, 2022, 11:28:27 AMSep 19
to aarddict

I'm using Aard 2 (v 0.53) on Android (Samsung A41, Android v12).

I recently updated my phone's Android software, the Aard app, and I downloaded a new 19GB no-images offline Wikipedia file, which I got here: 

Ever since doing these updates, I no longer see the hugely important table of contents (with links), which used to always appear near the top of every Wikipedia article. after the introductory paragraph. 

Also, when I first installed Aard, at the developer's suggestion, I added the following text in a CSS file, to avoid seeing large empty rectangles (where pictures would go).  This used to work fine, but since my updates, although I have loaded this CSS file, I still get big empty rectangles wherever a picture would go:
.thumb, a.image, .noresize {
display: none; 

I would be hugely grateful if anyone has ideas/suggestions for how I can restore the Table of Contents for every Wikipedia article. Less mission-critical, I'd also like to fix/update the CSS file so that AArd doesn't always show giant empty rectangles.

Thank you!

Igor Tkach

Sep 19, 2022, 1:53:09 PMSep 19
to aarddict
Table of content is now in collapsible area under article title, tap triangle to the left to expand, see screenshot here: https://github.com/itkach/mw2slob/issues/10#issuecomment-1126718742

As for CSS, it's likely that generated article HTML is now different.  Quick look with a .slob file I have on my desktop link images do not have "image" class (that's what "a.image" css rule refers to), replacing it with  "a > img" (img elements that are immediate children of a element) will probably do what you want, or even just "img" - all image elements. The best way to figure out desired CSS rules though is to open .slob file in a browser on desktop using https://github.com/itkach/aard2-web and use dev tools to inspect article HTML and test various CSS expressions.

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