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Feb 26, 2006, 4:21:21 PM2/26/06
Thomas E. Mayo we know a lot more about you than you might think. Born
in 1949 you would think you are little too old to be spending as much
time stalking the students of Radio Brandy as you do. One would think
you would have better things to do. A background check on you reveals
you lived at 6749 Gaviota in Van Nuys, California and at 208 East St.
Taft, California. Your present address is 606 1/2 North St Taft,
California Your wife Lois J Mayo born Aug 1946 has lived with you at
those addresses.
We are aware you are a former Hells Angel and have had a problem with
children, women, and booze. We also have information and photos from
your wife's business "Taft Dirt"
As far as exploiting young people, it seems to us it is you exploiting
young people, by taking their attention away from running their own
radio station. As an all women owned and operated radio station, one
would have to question why you are stalking this radio station, XRQK,
not to mention you are stalking and harassing Surge Radio, which is
operated by high school students from around the Antelope Valley.
Stop throwing your veteran's status at us, three girls here at XRQK
have served time in Iraq and have the battle scars to prove it, and
unlike you our girls volunteered to serve, not drafted.
Thomas Mayo, you must understand we are just getting started on you, we
have already taken steps to inform the credit agencies of your
behavior. We have also taken photos of your wife, your house and car
complete with license plate. Sometime in the near future when you least
expect it, we plan on storming the Taft City hall with no less than 100
people who will get up and make public comments about you and the
mayor. We also plan on paying a visit to every Taft business, providing
them with documents about you, plus each and every post you have made
along with the e-mails you have sent. Your wife is also going to be
brought up to speed on what you have been doing when she is alone at
the store. You should also plan on receiving a few thousand post cards
from people from who find you are one disgusting human being.

XRQK staff

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Feb 28, 2006, 1:47:05 AM2/28/06
If you know anything about me it is that I do not scare and if you
think a bunch of little spolied brates worrie me then bring it on lets
get bussy The Truth will set you free


Mar 3, 2006, 2:18:34 AM3/3/06
You took pictures of my wife and my house say listen do you want so old
pictures of your moma or your sister or even your grandmother or how
about so OTHER pictures yea haow about them i am not much of a chess
player BBBUT I think its your move buckwheat

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