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Scott MacLeod

Mar 18, 2019, 8:12:36 PM3/18/19
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Dear Universitians, Friends & friends, 

Thank you for your support of World University and School / WUaS.

Here are the March 16, 2019 Monthly Business Meeting MINUTES for World University and School / WUaS.

I'm posting them in the body of this email for the vision-impaired.

The next open electronically-mediated WUaS monthly business meeting is on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 9am Pacific Standard Time, 6pm / 1600 UTC.

All the best,




Minutes for Sat March 16, 2019 World University & School / WUaS

Monthly Business Meeting





-       Larry Viehland (World Univ & Sch Board Chair, and CFO)

-       Scott MacLeod (President, CEO, Professor, Founder, Presiding Clerk +)






In licensing with the state of California’s BPPE, World Univ & Sch’s objectives include offering:

A) Free-to-students’ degrees

B) Online, distance education

C) specifically, 2 degrees – Bachelor and Ph.D.

D) in English


(Subsequent degrees of Law, M.D. and I.B., and in other languages will be licensed, and then accredited with different bureaus).




World Univ & Sch is seeking to offer accrediting online degrees in each of all 7000 living languages, with machine translation, (and not just in ~200 countries’ official languages, as WUaS has previously talked about).




To get hardware and a ‘drag-and-drop’ programming language to students around the world studying in their homes for free-to-students’ degrees – e.g. for home robotics and engineering - World Univ & Sch will seek to standardize on and build out from Lego Robotics’ EV3 and WeDo2, Micro Bit, - and all inter-operably with the newly released Scratch 3.0 drag and drop programming language, and with its new language extension / add on.





World Univ & Sch seeks to claim the National Science Foundation award (but hasn’t heard back from a related governmental agency to a recent ‘help inquiry,’ having gotten the required DUNS number), in order to begin to grow, and pay the BPPE fees, for ex.




World Univ & Sch seeks to facilitate Universal Basic Income experiments – in planning for teachers and learners in each of all 7,111 living languages, and therefore potentially in planning / coding for all 7.5 billion people - and as research experiments too, building out of the Stockton, California UBI experiment with its links with the state of California, and re its bank cards, for ex., for these cash transfers digitally; in the process, WUaS seeks too to study ways in which a single CryptoCurrency with block chain ledger (in a ternary / trinary cryptocurrency such as IOTA for cryptographic reasons), might come to supplant the monthly digital cash transfers currently underway in Stockton, and possibly as information technology for the 19 out of 28 Euro countries in the EU’s UBI experiments, and re all other ~200 countries in the world.



Respectfully, - Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  

- World University and School


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https://twitter.com/WUaSPress -

- Languages-World Univ - https://twitter.com/sgkmacleod

- Scott MacLeod - Founder, President & Professor

- World University and School

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