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Apr 14, 2021, 3:42:27 PM4/14/21
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Hello Mike,

I'm doing a search for adjective noun pairs using this string - "<JJ*>* <NN>*"

WS 7 only returned a little over 16,000 concordance lines for a corpus of 3 million plus words, but many lines contained more than one adjective noun pair, as with these two examples:

There is a notable , yet lesser emphasis on early literacy .              

richer data and establishing greater levels of trust with participants . 

Any ideas on how I could get one adjective noun pair per concordance line?

Thanks in advance,


Mike Scott

Apr 14, 2021, 4:31:31 PM4/14/21
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Roger, hi

I need clarification. 
1. You said "only": does that mean you think there were more?
2. Do you get the lesser emphasis example (with lesser emphasis centred) repeated in a later line with early literacy centred? (That's what I'd expect, giving you two lines for these 2 pairs)
If you do, then you already have only one pair of <JJ*> <NN> centred in in each concordance line. Solution wd be to ignore the colouring in the rest of the line.

Cheers -- MIke

Apr 14, 2021, 6:19:08 PM4/14/21
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No, I just get the one line - here is a screenshot with the line in question being line 16,404. I say only as it works out to about 5 per 1000.

N Concordance
16,402 considerably more available for and amenable to the completion of the survey pa
16,403                      Yet , fewer than 12 % of the community colleges surveyed ha
16,404    There is a notable , yet lesser emphasis on early literacy . 
16,405 onsumer demographic , yet younger females’ sample size already outperformed ol
16,406 yet least examined terms in the human science . 
16,407 these experiences and yield more indepth data than communicating in a language 
16,408 e credible and yield greater statistical power ( Fraley & Vazire , 2014 ) . 

Mike Scott

Apr 15, 2021, 4:39:37 AM4/15/21
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fragment with ADJ NOUN repeat.png
I mean this sort of thing. FAINT LIGHT is in line 2 and appears again in line 3 which is centred on ACIENT PICTURES. In your data something in line 16,404 could be in any other line.

Re only, I don't know what we ought to expect. Will need to research more.

Cheers -- Mike
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