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 saturday 8th march
5 pm “The Idiots Guide to Indian Culture” – consisting of

1. A short introduction by Prof. Bharat Gupt   (15 minutes)
2. An audio presentation of the Sacred Sounds of Islam (azaan), Buddhism (om mane padme hum) , Sikhism (ek onkar)  and Hinduism (gayatri mantra) (15 minutes)
3. A musical exposition of 4 forms of Indian music (classical -khayal, semi classical - thumri, devotional - bhajan,  bollywood - film song ) by Priya Kanungo  ( 30 minutes)
4. A Q&A with Prof Gupt, Priya Kanungo and Robinson.  (30 minutes)
The culture of India, unlike any other culture reflects a distinct continuity of values and ideas developed over its 5000 year history. Beginning with the Vedas and Upanishads, through Jain and Buddhist philosophies and all its 9 religions and 16 official languages, along with the concepts of satya, dharma, karma, rebirth, and ahimsa, social and material sciences, aesthetics, theatre, dance, crafts and the glorious cuisines of various regions have had a profound impact across the world.

Prof. Gupt talks very briefly about the important ideas in its philosophy and compares it to the ancient Greek culture that was very roughly contemporaneous.

Bharat Gupt, is a classicist, theatre theorist, sitar and surbahar player, musicologist, cultural analyst, and newspaper columnist. He is trained in both, Western and traditional Indian educational systems. He studied classical Greek theatre and has lectured extensively at Universities in India, North America, Europe, and Greece. His published books include: Dramatic Concepts Greek and Indian (1994), Natyasastra, Chapter 28: Ancient Scales of Indian Music (1996), Twelve Greek Poems into Hindi (2001), India: A Cultural Decline or Revival? (2008).
Priya Kanungo trained under Pandit Amarnath of the Indore Gharana, following which she briefly received musical guidance from Shrimati Shubha Mudgal. For many years after that, she was a disciple of Pandit Deepak Chatterjee, and currently, her gurus are the celebrated duo, Pandits Rajan and Sajan Misra of the Banaras Gharana.   

She has an M.A., M.Phil, and Ph.D in Hindustani Vocal Music from Delhi University and  has been awarded the National Talent Scholarship by the Ministry of Culture. She taught an introductory course in Hindustani Music at Yale University, USA. 

Robinson is a Theologian, Meditation Practitioner and a Poet. He has an advanced certificate in Bible Studies and papers on comparative religion. He is currently researching on the mystical and meditative aspects in various religious traditions. He has published “Reminiscences: The Poetry of Communion”. His book ‘Christianity; An Indian Theological Perspective’ awaits publication. Robinson also conducts walks to Churches, Dargahs, Temples and Gurudwaras as well as interesting historical sites, bazaars and street foods of Delhi.

For this evening he is willing to answer questions on any aspect of Indian history, regional and street foods, the art of travelling in India and the growth of Christian sects in India.
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