Getting started with Ruby on Rails - a community based approach

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Tomek Piatek

Oct 9, 2006, 12:12:46 AM10/9/06

As some of you may have heard the Wellington Ruby on Rails developers community (WellRailed) is organising a seminar on Ruby on Rails for complete beginners. This doesn't mean that only beginners should come though. Everyone is welcome as you all have something to contribute, be it a simple question or an insightful answer. The seminar is jointly organised by Tomek Piatek, Tim Haines and Nahum  Wild.

What: Getting started with Ruby on Rails - a community based approach
When: 6:30pm, Tuesday, 31st October 2006
Where: CreativeHQ, 25a Marion Street, Te Aro, Wellington (behind Resene Paint)
Presented by: Nahum Wild
Intended audience: Anyone interested in Ruby on Rails.
Prerequisites: Interest in Ruby on Rails. Knowledge of programming in any language will be useful during the live demo.
Refreshments: Hell pizza
Cost: Free. It's a community event. It is our turn to give back.

The format will be as follows:
  • Arrive between 6:30 and 7pm.
  • Start at 7pm: Welcome and introduction
  • Quick overview of Ruby on Rails and its main underlying design pattern: Model-View-Controller
  • An end to end demonstration of how to build a simple blog application in Rails.
  • Q&A time.
A traditional computer science refreshment consisting of pizza will be served during the Q&A session by our sponsors ProjectX Technology. Also, the kind folks at The Pragmatic Programmers publishing company have donated a copy of  "Agile Web Development with Rails" which will go into a draw on the night. In the spirit of honouring those who taught us and helping those who come after us anyone with more than a year of Rails development experience is not eligible for this prize as you won't need it. If you are an expert you won't miss out though as all WellRailed members are now eligible for a 30% discount off all O'Rielly books. Come to the seminar to find out how.

This will be a popular event (how could it not be with all that pizza). Due to the limited size of the venue we can only accommodate 30 people. Please register today by sending an email to We will send a notification to the list to let you know how many places remain.

Please help us promote this event by telling your friends about it.

About WellRailed

We are group of software developers based in and around Wellington. We share a common passion for technology which can make our lives easier and we want to share our knowledge with other, like-minded people. We have an active mailing list. Everyone is always welcome to subscribe to the list: Once you have subscribed you can send your posts to . You can also access and search through the list archive on the group page .


Shannon Skinner

Oct 9, 2006, 5:01:42 PM10/9/06
to WellRailed
Not sure if you've considered this, but for the benefit of the few
non-Wellington based members, is there any chance of getting a podcast
of the presentation, or a pdf of presented material? I know that brings
added hassle/cost so probably not, but just thought I'd ask. Also, will
there be a follow-up post after the meeting to let us know how to take
advantage of the O'Reilly discount, or is that contingent on being
present at the meet?



Tomek Piatek

Oct 9, 2006, 5:11:11 PM10/9/06

We will make the presentation available on-line. I didn't want to announce that unitl after the presentation because I actually want people to turn up in person. I'm old fashioned like that. I believe that when people get together, face to face there is a certain synergy which you can never achieve on-line.


Shannon Skinner

Oct 9, 2006, 5:23:11 PM10/9/06
to WellRailed
Sorry! My bad, I didn't mean to put my foot in it :(

Yes, I prefer the "old-fashioned" way too -- nothing binds a community
better than pizza and a bit of face-time! (With or without beer ;)


Michael Koziarski

Oct 9, 2006, 5:27:09 PM10/9/06
> Sorry! My bad, I didn't mean to put my foot in it :(
> Yes, I prefer the "old-fashioned" way too -- nothing binds a community
> better than pizza and a bit of face-time! (With or without beer ;)

Everything's better with beer ;)



Tim Haines

Oct 9, 2006, 5:28:47 PM10/9/06
Hi Shannon,

Surely the sensible thing to do is shift to Wellington so you can come and enjoy this WellRailed meeting live with all future ones?

Which NZ Rails dev wouldn't want to be part of the buzzing Wellington Rails scene?



On 10/10/06, Shannon Skinner <> wrote:

Shannon Skinner

Oct 9, 2006, 5:48:43 PM10/9/06
to WellRailed
Hi Tim

True! I'm seriously considering it but it's convincing the other half
that's the problem ;)


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