Update on Wikileaks release of State Dept Cables

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dawn paley

Oct 2, 2011, 11:48:31 AM10/2/11
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Dear cable readers,

For me, reading the Wikileaks Cablegate release was like reading someone's diary, but without the guilt. For the first nine or so months, I could more or less deal with the regular pace of releases and made it part of my routine to read through the cables every day. 

The Guardian's breach of the password to the full set of cables at the end of August compromised Wikileaks' ability to give the state department cables the longevity and media traction they deserve. That said, folks continue to make new discoveries and sift through the leaked documents. I will post to this list again with updates once I figure out how best to go through the cables from here forward. 

In the meantime, I encourage folks on this list to make searching the full cable database a regular part of their reporting/information gathering routine.

You can search cables here: http://www.cablegatesearch.net/search.php

Finally, because of the way that the cables were dumped, many of the unique URLs pointing towards individual cables no longer work. If you click on a link to a cable and it doesn't work, you might find the following information useful. Thanks to the folks at Wikileaks Press for troubleshooting this for me:

What happened seems to be that some of the links use wikileaks.fi domain, which is now set to re-direct to wikileaks.org. 

You can recover the original full url from the bit.ly links using this site: http://knowurl.com/

Once you have the full expanded url, just change .fi to .org and you're all set. 

Yours for the road,


PS. Don't forget to support Bradley Manning, the young man accused of leaking the cables to Wikileaks. He remains imprisoned in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. 
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