Excellent blog post by Mary Adams - Value Network maps and how your org works from the bottom up

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Aug 23, 2010, 2:49:55 PM8/23/10
to Value Networks
Mary Adams is an Advanced Practitioner and Facilitator of the ValueNet
Works methodology, and is currently working on several articles about
her firm’s work with value networks. She has a rich website,
http://www.i-capitaladvisors.com/, and active blogs including this one

Today she has highlighted value networks http://bit.ly/bIJwyU – “Use
Value Network maps to understand how your organization works from the
bottom up.” There are diagrams and spot-on definitions of roles,
tangible exchanges, and human-centric intangible exchanges.

On intangibles: “The concept of mapping intangible exchanges helps, we
believe, to make sense of the multiplicity of goals and benefits that
network participants have in a business setting. It also empowers the
people doing the work to improve it themselves. This kind of bottom-up
thinking is critical to the optimization of the knowledge enterprise.”

Brief examples of mapping by the people really doing the work, showing
problems found and then how the information was used to initiate
improvements: “The analysis found a number of places in the process
where responsibility shifted from one person to another but the person
receiving the hand-off wasn’t getting full information. Communication
flows for these hand-offs was improved. The map also graphically
showed that initial service level negotiations were handled without
input from the field which often led to agreements that did not work
well in reality. Small work groups were able to make dramatic progress
in the span of just a few weeks.”

There is even more to read and think about. You will like this.
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