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Verna Allee

May 6, 2011, 11:36:34 AM5/6/11
to Value Networks
We launched the web version of Value Networks and Collaboration in
March and have been enjoying a LOT of activity on the site. If you
have not seen it yet, do check it out at:

This book is being provided as a live digital edition for two reasons:
1) It can be instantly translated into any of the 52 languages
supported by Google Translate, and 2) It will allow continuous
updating and additions of cases and examples provided by users of this
approach. We are publishing the details of conducting a Value Network
Analysis (VNA) as a non-proprietary methodology. This means it can
more readily meet the open method requirements of standards bodies. We
encourage adoption of the method in its full integrity - as a method
and framework for business modeling.


Work life is completely changing as social networking and
collaboration platforms allow a more human-centric way of organizing
work. Yet work design tools, structures, processes, and systems are
not evolving as rapidly, and in many cases are simply inadequate to
support the new flexible and networked ways of working.

Value Networks and the true nature of collaboration meets this
challenge head on with a systemic, human-network approach to managing
business operations and ecosystems. Value network modeling and
analytics provide better support for collaborative, emergent work and
complex activities.

With examples from everyday work teams through complex large-scale
networks, this book simply and coherently lays out the new basics of
collaborative work design and value creating networks. It explains the
underlying concepts and shows how to map, analyze, and leverage value
networks in a way that supports high social values and ethical
practices - and achieves fast business results.

Laurence Lock Lee

May 6, 2011, 8:37:03 PM5/6/11
Hi Verna ... so Open Value Networks no longer exists?

Laurence Lock Lee PhD
Partner, Optimice Pty Ltd
Ph: +61 (0)407001628
Learn to network, then network to learn

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Verna Allee

May 6, 2011, 11:57:35 PM5/6/11
to Value Networks
It has been revamped and folded into the book, which is why it now
links to the book. If you click on the "Community tab you will find
all the best articles an blog links from the
website - including a picture and link to (gasp) Laurie Lock Lee!

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