[Unlocked Wordhoard] Hey! You Took Me Off Your Blogroll!

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Dr. Richard Scott Nokes

Sep 27, 2010, 5:31:29 PM9/27/10
to Unlocked-...@googlegroups.com
Yes, yes I did. In fact, I removed the whole thing.

As most of you Wordhoarders know, this site is all about community. Unfortunately, some changes have made it more and more difficult to keep the community "feel" to the page. First was the rise of the RSS feed, which made it so people viewed posts without necessarily entering the site. Then for boring technical reasons we had to remove the comment section from the front page, which gave the Wordhoard more of a "hey, this is my page, and you can comment if you want, but you're not all that important" feel.

Now Blogrolling is having script problems, and in response they're simply shutting down the service. Feh.

I may simply expand the existing links to include all the stuff that used to be on my blogroll, but let's face it folks, the blog as a medium is fading. Keep visiting here, but more and more of the action is going on over at Facebook (which, for all I know, may itself fade in another few years).

We'll keep surfing along as different technologies come available: Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. These changes will necessarily force the Wordhoard to evolve, but don't worry -- even though the blogroll came down, we're still about the medievalist community, no matter how you access us.

Posted By Dr. Richard Scott Nokes to Unlocked Wordhoard at 9/27/2010 04:20:00 PM
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