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Dr. Richard Scott Nokes

Oct 25, 2010, 3:59:07 PM10/25/10
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I keep promising, and promising, and promising the first series for the "Professor Awesome, PhD's Medieval Book Club," and 12-parter on Beowulf. Everything was on track, including two different musical bumpers and one in progress, so that all we had to do was shoot (this part is not as much work as it sounds) and edit -- and then I had to send my computer with all the editing software off to be repaired.

Tonight the computer returns, and we'll start trying to put together the standard opening credits sequence. If I get that done significantly before editing the first installment, I'll post it here for your enjoyment.

Posted By Dr. Richard Scott Nokes to Unlocked Wordhoard at 10/25/2010 02:53:00 PM
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