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Gloria Emeagwali

Nov 20, 2022, 2:06:34 AM11/20/22
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Cornelius Hamelberg

Nov 20, 2022, 11:04:27 AM11/20/22
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I 'm dashing this off before the opening match between host nation Qatar and Ecuador in a FIFA world cup that has unfortunately been mired in so much racism and Islamophobia . It would seem that the LGBTQ sympathisers would have much preferred that the FIFA World cup be hosted  at Sodom and Gomorrah or at Alcoholics Unlimited. 

The images are many

You remember the memes of baby Kanye West sitting on grandpapa  Trump’s knee? 

Here’s one of Trump and Kanye, sitting in a tree… ( in this case, !love thy neighbour”) 

Hon Minister Louis Farrakhan has defended Ye / Kanye West - but in connection with the main theme of the article “How Kanye West Uses the Language of Black Liberation to Support White Supremacy”  - there’s the old thesis that was being purveyed by I know not whom,  to wit that e.g. based on their mutual rejection of integration (alleged Black racism  and  - no doubt about it , White Racism)  that The Nation of Islam needs  the Ku Klux Klan  and the Ku Klux Klan needs the Nation of Islam  - and maybe Black Lives Matter too - that these alleged, fundamentally extreme opposites live in a  symbiotic relationship  - you heard that right,  that White Supremacy and Black Supremacy live in a symbiotic relationship, that White Supremacy and the Nation of Islam live in a symbiotic relationship, the same dark sources say that International Jewry also needs the occasional dose of anti-Semitism,  that it’s anti-Semitism that bonds and holds World Jewry together, that very time Hon. Minister Farrakhan starts yapping about “the synagogue of Satan” he succeeds in bringing World Jewry together  -  i.e he succeeds in bringing the Orthodox, the ultra-Orthodox , the Zionists, the Supreme Zionists, the Conservative, the Reform, the lukewarm, the Reconstructionists, the Humanists and even the Atheist Jews together  to repudiate the idea of  “ Synagogue of Satan” as a calumny, as sinful anti-Semitism.

In a similar fashion White Racism  unites all  tribes of colour,  all the Blue, Black Brown and yellow tribes of Africa are forever united against racism…different from “tribalism”

Once upon a time in America is the name of an epic crime drama. Once upon a time in America, there was the Ku Klux Klan , another crime syndicate main motto : HATE , another criminal outfit, why, just the other day this KKK-type poster was brought to our attention NOTICE :  STOP  - Help Save The Youth of America  DON'T BUY NEGRO RECORDS

But as the bard crowed, back in 1964 , before  the assassination of Malcolm X on  21 February 1965 and of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King on 4 April 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee

“Your sons and your daughters

Are beyond your command

Your old road is rapidly agin'

Please get out of the new one

If you can't lend your hand

For the times they are a-changin'”

Today,  KKK as the archdemon has been superseded by the blanket term covering the new crime wave known as “White Supremacy” , but as far as their  old edict, “ DON’T LET YOUR CHILDREN BUY OR LISTEN TO THESE NEGRO RECORDS”  is concerned,  the latest news is that Burna Boy  performed to a fully packed audience, no discrimination, all nations, tribes, colours, races welcomed, at Madison Square Garden

In the old days, if I had happened to be living in  Babylon, Mississippi,  Louisiana, Alabama or Tennessee, a warrant would have been issued for my arrest or the local posse of lynchers would have apprehended me and strung me up from a poplar tree.

On Sunday, 20 November 2022 at 08:06:34 UTC+1 Gloria Emeagwali wrote:

Harrow, Kenneth

Nov 20, 2022, 12:20:32 PM11/20/22
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Dear cornelius, why oh why do you align yourself with homophobia? Is it not the same as racism or antisemitism? And the consequences of such hatred are real:’https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-63693310


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Cornelius Hamelberg

Nov 21, 2022, 1:07:20 PM11/21/22
to USA Africa Dialogue Series

Dear Kenneth,


You are kindly invited to type “homosexuality” on this website and see what comes up 

Methinks that you have set out to be deliberately PROVOCATIVE!

True: I have friends who are wholly homosexual and the friendship is way above “ tolerance “and acceptance, nor do I want to strangle anybody…

So, since I am NOT a homophobe how could I possibly or mistakenly align myself with homophobia

Just because I said, “ It would seem that the LGBTQ sympathisers would have much preferred that the FIFA World cup be hosted  at Sodom and Gomorrah ?”

You must disabuse yourself of such an idea about me. 

The Colorado massacre is reprehensible and should be condemned those responsible inspired by hateful ideas should be put on trial for terrorism and murder in secular America, even if the guilty bugger  is a homegrown homophobic Christian from the evangelical right wing…

Confirmed: The Torah is against homosexuality. So, what do you intend to do about that? 

If that means that the Giver of the Torah is “ homophobic” then I suppose you have no choice but to say, “ So be it” 

And then, what about all the Rabbis who are against homosexuality  - are they wrong to be against that which HASHEM has forbidden?  For example, Rabbi Avraham ben Yaakov Greenbaum is strongly against homosexuality. Here’s an excerpt from what he had to say about last week's ( 12th November) Torah Portion Vayeira 👍


Abraham's virtue as guardian of G-d's Covenant shines out in contrast to the wickedness of his generation in a "civilization" run amok. Those who are familiar with the stark, eerie desert mountain landscape of the YAM HAMELACH ("Salt" or "Dead Sea") area with its unique climate and colors may try to imagine it as the setting for one of the most sophisticated "civilizations" that ever was. For prior to the raining down of G-d's anger on Sodom and the neighboring towns in the form of fire and brimstone, that same area was once luxuriantly fertile "like G-d's garden" (Gen. 13:10). The desolate desert areas around the Yam HaMelach are gaunt, testimony to the fact that unless man repents, sin leads to destruction. Human immorality can destroy not only man himself but the very physical environment around him. (The same lesson is implicit later on in our Parshah in the illness that afflicted Avimelech and his household when he kidnapped Sarah.)

The destruction of the civilization of Sodom was an historical and ecological disaster that was deeply etched into the consciousness of antiquity. Numerous passages in the book of Job and elsewhere in the Bible contain allusions to the immorality and subsequent destruction of Sodom. The Midrash is rich in tales of Eliezer's encounters with the inhabitants of Sodom and of their ways. Eliezer as the son of Nimrod was, like the inhabitants of Sodom, descended from Ham, except that Eliezer submitted himself to the slavery decreed upon the children of Ham by attaching himself to Abraham. The inhabitants of Sodom, on the other hand, were so enslaved to human perversity that there was no remedy except to destroy them.

The inhabitants of Sodom enjoyed a fabulous, green watered spa in what is the world's lowest point. They turned "G-d's garden" into a center devoted purely to the worship of self to the exclusion of all others. This finds its ultimate expression in sodomy, which was the sin of Ham when he uncovered his father's nakedness (see Rashi on Gen. 9:22). Sodomy is an extreme violation of the Covenant, whcih decrees that human sexuality is to be elevated to serve as the bond that brings husband and wife together in procreating and raising holy souls. Instead of this, sodomy degrades and abuses man's highest creative power, his seed, throwing it into the very gutter, the part of the body designed to expel poisonous waste and filth. Sodomy degrades both the passive partner, who is subjugated and used, and the active partner, who is turned into a selfish, lustful animal.

Gang-rape of two apparent visiting strangers was the Sodomites idea of a "gay" evening. ["Gay" sex was also one of the things to which Ishmael later tried to submit Isaac -- see Rashi on Gen. 21:9 -- the other two being idolatry and murder.]

That Lot had chosen to live in a place with such moral standards and that he had, moreover, been appointed by them to be their judge (Rashi, Gen. 19:1) testifies to the weak flaw in the character of this classic waverer dressed up in the guise of liberalism. Lot's father Haran had wavered between Abraham and Nimrod when the latter threw Abraham into the fiery furnace. Only when Abraham emerged unscathed did Haran agree to be thrown in -- and died. The mountain of Abraham's virtue seemed to Lot so high that it appeared unattainable. Lot preferred the less spiritually demanding, more materially indulgent surroundings of Sodom. Yet even in Sodom, a spark of Lot's inherited moral decency remained: even he could not stand it when the locals demanded to rape his very guests -- though he was prepared to throw them his own virgin daughters instead.

The Sodomites typify methodical human nastiness in the guise of rights and laws. MIDAS SODOM -- characteristically Sodomite traits -- are typified in many places in the Talmud, such as in the concept of refusing a person some benefit even when one has nothing to loose, or "mine is mine and yours is yours" (Avos 5:10). The Sodomites rebelled against the law of G-d, making up their own merciless laws, rebelling against any effort to reform them, as when they reminded Lot that he was a stranger: "Shall someone come to dwell and make judgements?" (Gen. 19:9). Sodom was the very opposite of the civilization that Abraham sought to create, where residents invite strangers in and sit together to talk peace. In Sodom unwary strangers were grabbed and lynched. There was no remedy for the Sodomites except to overthrow and destroy their entire civilization.

The mystery of the story of Sodom is that out of the wreckage was salvaged Mashiach. For Lot the waverer was made up of two sides: the side that wanted to do good and the side that wavered. Lot's daughters did not waver. When they believed that the entire world was destroyed, they took responsibility to repopulate it even if it meant doing the unspeakable. Out of this holy intention was born the nation of Moab, from whom emerged the holy spark of the soul of one who did not waver for a moment. This was Ruth, who never wavered in her devotion to Naomi and her G-d, and whose great-grandson was King David, Melech HaMashiach. Ruth became the archetypal Ger, the "visitor" who takes shelter under the Tree of Life.

True: Nowadays, in the name of modernity  Homosexuality is allowed in the Holy Land 

But does that mean that homosexuality should be glorified or legalised in Muslim countries when the Holy Quran of Islam is explicitly against Homosexuality?

Harrow, Kenneth

Nov 21, 2022, 1:25:12 PM11/21/22
to usaafric...@googlegroups.com
dear cornelius, thank you for responding,. when you wrote about lgb++ happy if the games were in sodom and gomarrah, it certainly sounded as if you were approving of their damnation. so i am very happy that your intentions were totally different,

nobody within the world of contemporary judaism accepts literally the mitzvot (for non-jews i will explain, that means all the commandments in the jewish bible) as applicable for us today. the religious jews, and i believe includes all denominations, believe that the commandments were reinterpreted during the rabbinical period.

even then, in the few centuries before the common era, the rabbis who were reinterpreting torah (the five books of moses), seemed to need to relativize or humanize the commandments. for instance, one calls for parents to have their disobedient child stoned to death. no one defends practices like that, or many many other bearing on sexual infractions or errors in ritual.
i know some people who are antisemitic will cite text as if it represented current judaism, but it does not do so.
so when you turn to usage of sodom and gamorrah as evidence of god destroying homosexuals, i don't know how you mean it,

for me, the real strength in judaism lies in its openness to reinterpretation, to continual reinterpretation—ijtihad in islam, as ongoing, never ending. without that principle, we are supposed to bow down to some perfect authority whose words are so clear they never require interpretation. i am utterly opposed to any religion that asks that of its followers, it is the destruction of the beauty in religious thought and imagination and creation.

it is like revolution, too, frozen by doctrine instead of being open to rethinking with new circumstances.

by the way, in torah, noah walks with god, meaning is  a good man, so only he and his family are saved from the flood. i know this is an interesting mythic story, but it resonates entirely with the story of lot which you cite. have you noticed that? both men get drunk; both involve their children in some violation of a sexual code; both leave us with the reordering of the world.

not too different from eshu stories, or even better obatala (and ogun) for who the time when they get drunk things are turned topsy turvy, or the world is almost destroyed, and then the new, properly order world, like that after the tower of babel, emerges.

kenneth harrow

professor emeritus

dept of english

michigan state university

517 803-8839


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Subject: Re: USA Africa Dialogue Series - Re: kanye-west-ye-black-liberation-white-supremacy/

Cornelius Hamelberg

Nov 21, 2022, 3:24:25 PM11/21/22
to USA Africa Dialogue Series

Dear  Kenneth,

Seriously, yes indeed, the gates of ijtihad are still open in Shia Islam and if I were to have any questions about this matter I would turn to Marja - e-Taqlid Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani . Earlier on I would have consulted Ayatollah Abu al-Qasim Khoei .

Muslims have Islamic authorities and are , of course not going to take directions from some bani Israel rabbis…. 

In my view it is to the fanatical Christian fundamentalists that you should address your entire epistle.

This is neither from the Tanakh or the Holy Quran 👍

“Most of your life can be out of sight

Withdraw from the darkness and look to the light

Where everyone's free

At least that's the way it's supposed to be

Re - The FIFA World Cup being hosted by Qatar. 

We have heard it an infinite number of times, that sports should not be “mixed” with politics or with LGBTQ for that matter, but I think that the spontaneous combustion that results from mixing football with politics makes both football and politics all the more exciting. Who would deny that it would have been exciting to referee a match between Israel and Iran in Qatar - or a semi-final between Ukraine and Russia. Perhaps less exciting than a boxing match between Black Belt Putin and Sugar Ray Joe Biden , somewhere in Crime-a  or a straight no holds barred   - nuclear weapons allowed between Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy - a fight to the finish…like the one my Sunni friend from Iraq wanted to arrange, between Baby Bush and the  Butcher of Baghdad, the late Saddam Hussein. And what about arranging one ( a jihad ) between Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar? I can imagine Tinubu the Elder politely declining such an invitation on the following grounds: 1. “I’m not a pugilist, and 2. I don’t fight with hooligans. Nuff said”

Like  David Ben-Gurion  - To one reporter who asked for an interview, he sent tis written reply : “ I do not give interviews to journalists ( a) because I am a journalist myself and whatever I say to the public I do so in my own way, and ( b) the first reason is sufficient” 

It was a terrible sight to witness Iran’s revolutionary soccer squad playing clean halal football and still being mashed by Merry England  6 - 2 , today. 

As they say, “ the ball is round” which means anything can happen. I looked at England’s flag and saw the sign of the cross and thought, “If Iran does not prevail then either it’s God's will or the Mullahs have been so distracted by the Hijab riots and haven't been doing their prayers. Or perhaps they are saving their strength for the showdown,  for the match against the Great Satan scheduled for tomorrow .The whole world is watching, I see that Joe Biden has already given his boys their benediction. Should Iran’s national soccer squad annihilate the Great Satan tomorrow, needless to say such a mighty victory will resound endlessly, they might even remind the whole world about this at the next session , the  78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. If only they had a spokesperson there , like the late Robert Mugabe  - to lecture them; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wasn’t too bad at that either…  

I thought that someone else would take up the gauntlet that you threw down: “  Is homophobia not the same as racism or antisemitism?

I told my Better Half, “ Professor Harrow says that homophobia is the same as racism and homophobia.” and she said, “ I agree with him!”

At some other time and clime she would have been banished from the bedroom to the kitchen….

Dayan Ha emet. 

Over here, we have just lost Hedi Fried

Salimonu Kadiri

Nov 24, 2022, 11:55:37 PM11/24/22
to usaafric...@googlegroups.com
I beg to disagree with Professor Kenneth Harrow's claim that homophobia is the same thing as racism or antisemitism. The Arabs and the Jews are classified as Semites and if they are hated because of their physical features as Arabs or Jews, then the haters are antisemites and guilty of antisemitism since their hatred is not based on the fact that they have done anything abnormal. On the other hand, Afro-phobia is caused by the hatred or aversion for the black colour of Africans. Therefore, Afro-phobia is racism. Neither racism nor antisemitism is based on acquired behaviour and I will be delighted to know from Professor Kenneth Harrow on what is homophobia based or to be more direct, what are the racial characteristics of the homosexuals?
S. Kadiri

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