Défense Secretary Lloyd Austin rejects accusations Israel has committed genocide in Gaza?

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Cornelius Hamelberg

Apr 10, 2024, 2:14:21 PMApr 10
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For a surety, it’s not only the God of love and of justice that is  aware of what’s happening to His people in Gaza and the likes of Llyod Austin might love or pretend to love Netanyahu & his crew, no matter what they do and that’s why. - Israel being a woman, I doubt that USA’s Black and Beautiful Defence Sec ever understood the pain in Robert Johnson ‘s  If I had possession over Judgement Day

The whole world knows that it's an open and shut case of GENOCIDE IN GAZA, so ,who  cares that Gorilla-in-chief Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin rejects accusations Israel has committed genocide in Gaza ?

Is that what he’s going to say to God on the Day of Judgment  before he is summarily thrown headlong into the lake of fire , that Louis Farrakhan has been talking about,  the JAHANNAM  specially prepared for those who say that wrong is right , and spread mischief in the land .

 Look at these chilling figures about what they did in Iraq

The question is, who made Lloyd Austin an authority or Chief Justice at the International Criminal Court ?

We can say that in contradistinction with a guerrilla, according to a scientific understanding, this much is known about the  gorilla :

He don't use tools or weapons, he don't eat meat

We’ll get to the gorilla chief of the killing machine , the meat-grinding machine a little later, for now, first of all, it’s a well deserved  best Eid  Mubarak wishes to all those who are celebrating Eid, at the end of the most blessed month Ramadan which offers 30 days of fasting, prayer and repentance of the Faithful, although it was a  special hell unlawfully created by the so called “Israel Defence Forces” here on earth for our long-suffering Palestinian brothers and sisters, bewildered mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and their babies who were being bombed relentlessly even on the Sabbath -  terrorised -  mercilessly killed, wounded, maimed  displaced, put to flight  in fright  made to run from one unsafe place to another within the besieged enclave Gaza, throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan 2024.

 Enzo Traverso writing in Jacobin  has described the unholiness:

Everything is planned: the destruction of roads, schools, universities, hospitals, museums, monuments, and even cemeteries erased by bulldozers; the interruption of water, electricity, gas, fuel, internet; the denial of displaced people’s access to food and medication; the evacuation of more than 1.5 million of the 2.3 million people living in Gaza to the south of the strip, where they are again bombed; disease and epidemics. Unable to eradicate Hamas, Tzahal started the elimination of the Palestinian intelligentsia: scholars, doctors, technicians, journalists, intellectuals, and poets.”

Somewhere, Imam Ali - alaihi salaam is reported  to have quoted a verse from an eloquent pre-Islamic Arab poet al-A’sha :

“My days are now passed on the camel’s back (in difficulty) while there were days (of ease) when I enjoyed the company of Jabir’s brother Hayyan.”

But, not to worry, the people of Sabr and Tawakkul have the divine assurance of relief from hardship in Surah Ash-Sharh, that after hardship cometh ease, eventually…

Or does the IDF believe that in the name of “Amalek” or Hitler, (such a phoney excuse), they should exterminate The Palestinian People

In that case why don't they embark on another mission impossible , also  - God forbid - not divinely sanctioned : exterminate The German People , on the basis - another flimsy excuse - that the Führer was German ? 

 In that case they hadn’t they better start by genociding the NeoNazi battalions  - not German, but of the Neo-Nazi ideology  currently fighting on the side of their Jew-ish brother -in-arms Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Ukraine ? And if indeed the fictional, ahistorical, mythological “Amalek “ is defined as whatever opposition,  enemy or enemies of the ancient Hebrews that supposedly arises from generation to generation  - and in this generation against the state that was recently created through the agency of the United Nations, wouldn’t they be fighting against an international coalition  - indeed, the vast majority of nations at the United Nations voting for an immediate ceasefire, for a Palestinian State to take its place among the comity of nations, failing which they would like the Zionist/ post-Zionist enemy plans to at least  be put on hold, in the name of the vast majority of humanity ?

Re - the current US Defence Secretary’s untenable position which flies in the face of  a very  concerted world opinion expressed , not least of all as the world's collective will -  voted on  at the United nations ( minus sabre-toothed Uncle Sam and the bloody little satan that  undoubtedly controls them ).

Fela Kuti has explained the whole phenomenon - a universal phenomenon, and the control mechanism that enables  this kind of phenomenon.  Fela  explained this most succinctly in Beasts of No Nation ( w lyrics) and in International Thief Thief (I.T.T.)  

“Them get one style wey them dey use

Them go pick one African man

A man with low mentality

Them go give am million naira breads

To become of high position here

Him go bribe some thousand naira bread

To become one useless chief”

In my opinion,the verse quoted above is applicable to diverse colonial and postcolonial types of  situations, including the one currently under our purview, concerning not Uncle Lloyd ( we’re not talking about him) we're not talking about Uncle Tom either ( although, if there was really any freedom of speech, in this instance, with relevance to the aforementioned Lloyd Austin we could identify some other relevant parallels that coincide with Malcolm’s definition of the House Negro

But we should not be surprised, because Austin had a Negro predecessor , another unholy precedent by the name of Colin Powell who stood there at the podium of the United Nations to tell some barefaced lies to the whole world and with his walking stick pointed out the various launching pads that he alleged Saddam Hussein had assembled to deploy his Weapons of mass destruction, weapons which up till today Scott Ritter , Hans Blix, and Rolf Ekéus have not found anywhere in Iraq…

At this point  the genocidal Netanyhu and his crew want to have their cake and eat it too,but thank God - Hamas is saying no cigar : Hamas rejects Israeli ceasefire proposal 

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