Of up grading parenting skills amongst black African American women:Blacks, parenting and correctional centres in the USA

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Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth

Nov 22, 2022, 2:17:05 PM11/22/22
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There is the thinking in some quarters that there is a dearth of black male role models and what more people talk of the dearth of quality black men so a disproportionate number of black   mothers in the west choose to be single and then we might want to question the kind of parenting these black mothers give to their male sons or should i ass masculine =sons considering the number of them who end up in correctional caners
and this is ae reason i came up with the idea of home training, machine language and artificial intelligence/
after going through memoirs, biographies autobiographies and histories of black role models and achievers who are black  e find out  out what works and whet does not work and we incorporate in in a computer game or an app or an online learning course or everything togther,app,game and course, we could even bring in the wise and upright elder of Africa remotely to solve the problem of dysrunctional parenting in usa.e sk the USA governmnet  to do a cost benefit analysis to decide how much the usa wanyts to spend in up grading parenting skils amongst African american women

the civil engineers would confirm that reinforced concrete is made by subjecting mixed  concrete sustained vibrations.
so i am old school and believe parents need not be tyrants,  tough onthir children but they need to be firm, thee should be no room for permissive parenting unfortunately anyone of age can become a parent. parenting is not really regulated except for what we find in social work where children for some reasons ae taken away from their biological parents tolive elsewhere
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