Transition US Summit Plenary Today! Crisis as Catalyst for Transformation

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Oct 3, 2021, 1:45:31 PM10/3/21
We have been having amazing, deep and deeply connective conversations throughout our summit. One more week to go, its not too late to join!
Today we will be hosting our plenary panel discussion on some ways to navigate and transform through these times of crisis, on many levels: our environment, our social systems, our food and lifestyles, and especially important, our personal and interpersonal connection to healthier ways of living and being. Our intention is to find ways to raise the conversation, to meet the need people have for tending to what's hurting and what is scary and bring out what is healing and regenerative and uplifting, without bypassing the hard stuff.
Its a journey.
Its a journey that needs love and humor and real talk. Hope you will join us!
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