plain installation on Ubuntu 20.10 (no docker)

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Daniel Calcoen

Apr 13, 2021, 12:51:21 PM4/13/21
to TracksApp
Dear all
I wish to thanks the developers and contributors, nice application.

In case is of use for somebody else I attached my installation guide on Ubuntu 20.10 (Apache+MySQL) with the patch for the Thor dependency that affects Debian and Ubuntu.
There are still some points to complete but is functional and will be useful for other rookies like me.

My use of Tracks is very very very simple I use it to show in a big TV screen all the administrative deadlines for our organic unit, inscription to conferences, presentation of abstracts, submission of articles, congress, etc..
and they can also consult the page in the website.
There is no followup of nothing just a list of dates and titles just what we need.
I guess is not what you had in mind when you designed it...another unexpected use.

Install Tracks on Ubuntu 20.10.docx
Install Tracks on Ubuntu 20.10.pdf


Apr 13, 2021, 3:17:10 PM4/13/21
to TracksApp

Nicely done. Thank you for sharing and especially appreciate it *not* docker. 


Apr 13, 2021, 8:28:39 PM4/13/21
to TracksApp
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sharing!... :)
Wonderful work!... :)


Jyri-Petteri Paloposki

Apr 14, 2021, 3:50:00 AM4/14/21
Great to hear that you found a new use for Tracks :)

If you (or someone else on the list) has time, it'd be great to have the
installation documentation in our wiki:
That way potential new users can probably find it better.

From a maintainer point of view containers are unfortunately much
easier than trying to keep up with distributions and their ways of doing
things, but it'd be great to have up-to-date installation instructions
in the wiki for as many platforms as possible :)

Jyri-Petteri ”ZeiP” Paloposki
Tracks principal maintainer

Tim Madden

Apr 14, 2021, 9:19:43 AM4/14/21
to TracksApp
Thanks for sharing! I run tracks on Ubuntu as well. I used Phusion Passenger instead of Thin. Thin sounds like it is lighter weight than Passenger. Good to know :-)

Daniel Calcoen

Apr 14, 2021, 10:42:14 AM4/14/21
to TracksApp
ok, it is now in the wiki

Dear Tim
I am sorry I am not an expert, I read the guides from others based on that I tried several things and once I get it running wrote down my guide with the steps I did. The guide is far from perfect (I hope to be improved with future iterations).
So about Thin or Passenger I don't know what is really running. To be checked, removing one package or the other and updating the guide in the wiki.
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