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Russell Price

Sep 8, 2021, 7:04:45 AMSep 8
to TiddlyWiki

Im very new to TiddlyWiki but im very impressed with its capabilities! Im currently transfering all my notes to it! :D

I was wondering, is there a way of automatically linking text in tiddlers to tiddlers with the same tags? So for example, all instances of the string "java" in one tiddler will link to all tiddlers with the java tag?


Sep 8, 2021, 7:43:30 AMSep 8
to TiddlyWiki
Tags in tiddlywiki can be also tiddlers. Eg: you can create a tiddler named: java   that contains the following content:

<<list-links "[tag[java]]">>

Then you create a second tiddler named: Java ... with the content


The second tiddler is there, just to be sure you can use [[java]] and [[Java]] as links to the tag-tiddler.

The advantage of this mechanism is, that you can decide, which "java" words link to the tag-tiddler. .. If every occurrence of the "java" text will link to the tag-tiddler, for me personally it would be annoying to have 10 links in a text, that all link to the same target.


You can add this to your java-tag tiddler.

Tagged "java":

<<list-links "[tag[java]]">>


Backlinks: <$list filter="[[java]backlinks[]] [[Java]backlinks[]]"><<currentTiddler>>, </$list>

Which will show you, where your links to [[java]] come from.

have fun!

Russell Price

Sep 9, 2021, 4:53:48 AMSep 9
to TiddlyWiki
Awesome! thanks Mario! I will give this a go when I get a chance!

My thinking behind the automatic linking was that I have a lot of notes to add and it would be quicker for the links to automatically be created and for me to remove the unecassary ones than it would be for me to traul through all my notes creating them! :P
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