Taking Task Management to the full Software Development Life Cycle

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Charlie Veniot

Nov 13, 2022, 11:52:10 PM11/13/22
to TiddlyWiki

Just in case you geek out on things related to software development process or project/task management in general...

I'm just in the process of laying out BAM's "SDLC" Tools (SDLC = Software Development Life Cycle), starting out with the basics:
  • Idea Manager
  • Requirement Manager
  • Change Request Manager
  • Issue Manager
  • Task Manager
Imagine you're working on a complex software development project (for some freakish reason, it is in BASIC).

You have an idea, you add it to BAM via the Idea Manager.

That Idea may eventually get deleted/dropped, or may transition into being a new Requirement, or transition into being a Change Request to a previously fulfilled Requirement (a requirement can be a defined need to solve a defined problem, might be a feature, might be a constraint).

If it is a new requirement, eventually that requirement transitions into being a task.  When that task gets completed, it transitions to being a fulfilled requirement AND a completed task.

If a Change Request, that change request is linked to some previously fulfilled requirement, and eventually the change request transitions into being a task.  When done, that task transitions to being a completed task AND an implemented change request.

An issue (problem/bug/whatever), that issue might be related to a previously fulfilled requirement, and eventually the issue transitions into being a task (AND an issue in the process of being resolved).  Or the issue transitions into being a new requirement, and the new requirement eventually transitions into also is a task (AND an issue being resolved).

Something like that.

Just piecing together "flow" to have an idea how to build the "managers" of all this info, and the "editors" for all of this info.

Charlie Veniot

Dec 10, 2022, 9:12:04 PM12/10/22
to TiddlyWiki
Fyi, I put together a concept diagram as a guide to follow as I setup the user interface elements: BAM Support for SDLC Processes and Artefacts 

Charlie Veniot

Dec 10, 2022, 9:27:39 PM12/10/22
to TiddlyWiki
If it is something you'd like to play with, bring up the latest version of BASIC Anywhere Machine, go to the Tools menu, and open all five windows in the SDLC group.

Having those 5 windows open side by each, create things in each of the 5 windows, edit them, set/unset checkboxes, and see how things move around based on the flow in the concept diagram.

Still loads to do, but things are taking shape.

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