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Mar 13, 2016, 1:31:34 PM3/13/16
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I've started the process of moving the TiddlyWeb[1] documentation from
TiddlySpace to Tank[2]. This is to account for the expected shutdown
of TiddlySpace, due sometime this year.

I've used totank[3] to do the initial migration. This went well but
leaves a few issues in the content[4] that I will address as time

The new content now lives at


but can also be reached at


This latter URL will redirect into tank.

Meanwhile I'm in the process of releasing a new version of TiddlyWeb
that simply updates the documentation refernces to not point to

Let me know if there are any issues or questions.

[4] The primary issue with the content is that it is a mix of
markdown and tiddlywiki classic syntax. Tank only supports the
former within its default wiki page environment. To work around this
in the short term I've forced all the tiddlers which were type
`text/x-tiddlywiki` into `text/x-markdown`. This makes the readable
and presentable by the system, but with some incorrect formatting.
My plan is to correct these as I find them. If you are interested in
helping out, create an account on tank and let me know: I'll grant
you permissions to edit in the tank.

[1] http://tiddlyweb.com/
[2] https://tank.peermore.com/
[3] http://totank.tiddlyspace.com/
Chris Dent http://burningchrome.com/
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