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Aug 19, 2015, 12:18:04 PM8/19/15
to TiddlySpace
I tried to send the following to hello @ but go no response, so resending here. This gist is: please remove me from /etc/aliases and destroy my shell account

Hello osmosoft:

Based on some evidence in the mail logs of my personal server, it

looks like:

* I still have an account on tiddlyspace[1]

* That account can still receive mail and is forwarding to my

  cdent @

* Spammers are sending email to cdent @ that host, I initially thought

  perhaps using it as an open mail relay[2]

Please at least kill my account and change the contents of

/etc/aliases to not have any references to cdent.


[1] The email indicated that I had an alias, so I checked to see if

I could still ssh in. I could. This surprised me. I looked in

/etc/aliases to see if there was any me in there and there was.

[2] I tried to look in the mail logs in /var/log and they indicated

that the exim config is broken however a web based diagnostic tool

indicates that is not an open relay, just that

people send spam to users with accounts on it. If I stop having that

account that aspect of the problem will go away.

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