reconstructed tiddlywiki as static web page?

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Feb 14, 2017, 5:25:11 AM2/14/17
to TiddlySpace
I downloaded/exported/reconstructed my multiple tiddlyspaces as tiddlywikis & they work fine wiht the tifddlyfox extension. (Fine enough)

BUT, in bygone days before Tiddlyspace I could include a TW as a link on a webpage and now that really looks haywire:

First I get an "Error saving MainMenu: connection could not be established" when the page opens.
I can't work out where to put the icon files so that they load.
I can't turn off backstage functionality

I'm sure there'll be a bunch of other things I can't do when I sort these out, too.

I can see there's a lot of Tiddlyspace sysConfig tiddlers still around - that doesn't seem good, but what to do about it?
I don't have any interest in coverting to TW5, 'cos it will mean rewriting a ton of code (my tons are quite small, but I'm not even remotely a programmer, so any code comes very slowly)
I can't find any documentation which helps.

Can anyone offer useful suggestions?

Thanks hopefully

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