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Sep 8, 2016, 2:06:56 PM9/8/16
to TiddlySpace


In case this hasn't already been discovered or promoted, the Internet Archive provides a great way to save your current TiddlySpace to a permanent home for read-only purposes.

Here's the process I used:
  1. Go to
  2. Paste in your main TiddlySpace address (with no permaview links in the URL) in the box under Save Page Now
  3. This saves a current snapshot to the Internet Archive, even if your wiki has been archived previously.
  4. Aftewards, copy the following URL it created: — which always redirects to the most current snapshot
  5. Optional step: go to
  6. Paste your URL — in purple text above — then create a short alias for it, and click Make TinyURL!
    • there seems to be something fitting about wiki, the Hawaiian word for "quick", joined to the modest "tiny" URL
  7. Example output for my own TiddlySpace:
  8. Now, you can chain wiki nodes (tiddlers) after your TinyURL address to auto-load the content you want from the Internet Archive.  Just precede them with a # sign, and wrap each tiddler in double brackets:
    1.  Example:[[Bird's Eye View]][[Evocative Words]]
    2.  While interacting with the archived copy of your wiki, you can click "Permaview", and the page will generate a correctly formed permalink URL to the Internet Archive.  I like to save specific permaviews to new TinyURLs.
  9. Notes:
    • Private tiddlers (only visible when you are logged in) are not saved to the Internet Archive copy.  A good thing!
    • Prior revisions of your tiddler are not accessible (as they were stored on the TiddlySpace back-end server.)
      • Your wiki will display: revisions could not be retrieved if you try to access through the options "gear" menu.
    • You can display all the Internet Archive snapshots via this URL, with an asterisk in the middle of it:
      • My own wiki has been saved 12 twelve times, beginning with October 2014.  Only the most recent save was manually triggered by me.  The "Wayback Machine" crawls the Internet automatically.
      • Naturally, I will save a final time soon before the end of TiddlySpace service.
      • This provides a way to examine earlier versions of your wiki in one collective snapshot.  This will be of some help, since we are losing the ability to view the continuous version history of every edit made on TiddlySpace.
Of course, if you want to continue writing and editing the content you created in TiddlySpace, you will have to export the wiki to your own computer hard drive, or to some other TiddlyWiki service — perhaps upgrading to the latest 5.x version at

I haven't devoted much time to that endeavor.  My own wiki Remuse may cease (with no further revisions or additions) this month, or very soon after.  I'm undecided about its future.

If anyone has further remarks or suggestions after trying out this process, please post here for the entire group's benefit.

Randy Tillman

Sep 8, 2016, 2:14:37 PM9/8/16
to TiddlySpace
I was going to cross-post this to other TiddlyWiki groups.

However, I'm noticing erratic behavior of the snapshots -- sometimes my URL's retrieve the last July 10th snapshot, and not the one I saved today.  I'll keep an eye on this for a few days.
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