coming next week... terror on 3 wheels

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Apr 25, 2007, 6:03:56 PM4/25/07
well I broke down and ordered one...


Steve Mooring

Apr 25, 2007, 6:09:53 PM4/25/07
I knew you were a young guy... but that photo does you credit, Devin!





Apr 25, 2007, 6:21:28 PM4/25/07
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Yes, D gets younger--and blonder--by the day <ggg>!



Apr 25, 2007, 6:29:05 PM4/25/07
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i won't even have it till next week =)

we'll just have to see if it runs better human powered or 72V...


Apr 26, 2007, 10:21:20 AM4/26/07
Love to hear how you like it Devin.
The photo is the "kids" version. Are you getting the X, like Knoxie's?
He said it's very stable below 30 mph (but maybe not 40). Center of
gravity seems pretty far forward to me, but very low so maybe it's
great. I'd love to take one of these for a test spin but no dealers
anywhere near here. I am also wondering if I would really need power
assist with the lowered wind resistance of a recumbent (ha I laugh at
my own doubt that it wouldn't be much better to have more power!)
Other thoughts out loud, your ears are much closer to the rear wheel
on this bike so any electric motor noise will be relatively louder to
the rider.


Apr 26, 2007, 11:06:50 AM4/26/07
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i ordered the "X"


Apr 26, 2007, 8:28:38 PM4/26/07
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So Dr D, What R U going 2 power it with, besides yer quads?


Apr 26, 2007, 8:31:32 PM4/26/07
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that's a matter of debate... currently I'm thinking about a 5304 or
5303 in a 24 inch rim... at either 48V or 72V


Apr 26, 2007, 8:47:41 PM4/26/07
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anyone else have a better idea?


Apr 27, 2007, 12:09:50 AM4/27/07
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Either idea sounds like fun.

I'd go for the 5304 for more hillability. U'll end up at least trying
72v so there will be enough speed on that puppy -- even for Dr D


Apr 27, 2007, 7:42:15 PM4/27/07
to TidalForce Forum
The following is a cut and paste from an old post with some minor

I can supply anyone who wishes a German Heinzman rear hub motors with
a "XD Shimano" 7 speed stock cassette installed or without. True free
wheeling with zero drag or sound
when off the throttle.

I do have a bunch of new and used 36V & 24V stock EVG "Ebike" See ( Lee Iacocca's' (- remember him? GM's boss)
hub motors both naked and laced into
a 26" rear wheel, I have complete and partial bikes, controllers
misc parts as well. The 24v can be ran at 36V (tested and does 21mph
vs. 14mph stock)
and the 36V can be ran at 48V with a 26 mph top speed (vs. 19mph @36
volts. Tested by me and others),
from their website all Heinzmann motors are rated at no less than 72
volts so DIY'ers have fun and use a helmet! Numbers wise should hit
40mph @ 72 volts in a 26" rim. Hill climbing in stock 36 volt form is
unmatched by any other electric bike. With the stock 36V motor
and stock 35 amp controller (i'm guessing this number as the fuse is
rated at 40 amps) pulling 84 Newton meters. I weigh 220lbs and in a
26" wheel can pop the front end up off the line, even loop out, also
will way out pull cars from a red light (so much fun in the San
Francisco) but only up to 19mph with the OEM HEAVY 36V 8amp-hour SLA
single brick due to 36 volt
voltage ceiling and gear ratio. The top speed at 36V is set to 19mph
due to U.S. legal reasons of keeping it below 20mph, just overvolt it
a $30.00 48V 40amp Chinese scooter controller or higher?!
The 36V 500W versions I have are;
-catalog # 870-00-265-2030.
-rated at 24.5 degree slope (that = a 49% slope) climbing in a 26"
wheel @ 36 volts (remember
rise over run is the slope so 100% grade is a 45 degree slope).
-max current rating of 60 amps.
-84Nm at 800W (that's peak power, it can do 500W continuous all day
your batteries can) with 36V for 20 min (think about that).
-$390 Euro new not laced up (one of the highest priced naked motors,
must be good right?).
This information is from check

Personal insider information, the 24V motors use a different nylon
cut gears for their reduction and are thus quieter (due to the
friction acoustics of Dow
chemicals improvement over Bakelight) than the all hardened metal gear
versions of the 36V (their
most pricy version and the company has one in their front lobby on a
pompous display that has ran for over a decade non-stop). Both 24 and
36V motors are gear reduced twice within the hub thus the incredible
torque and grunt from low mph. Both do make noise as any brushed and/
or gear reduced hub
motor will. They are quite small in diameter 6" (see picture at ). They are brushed
motors and thus can be used with inexpensive controllers. Estella
sells the
motors laced up for about a $ grand. LEVT (same shop who fixes our TF
bikes) does any repair work needed on them
if need be. Heinzmann is more than 100 years old. The company
has been building electric motors for 40 years, and electric bicycle
motors since 1994, the turn key euro version is sold through for about $2,000 Euro!! ouch.
Here's the original bike they sold, (I have 20'sih of them naked and
scores of complete bikes) came from Keep
clicking for close up photos.

These tweakers (that's a complement) have coupled the motor into the
front chainring (that's what I'm looking to do, but due to the
weather keeping me off the E-rigs and my lifelong MX motorcycle bug
reappearing (also a newish sport "Motard' or "Supermoto" I just got
into for the 1st time, uber fun but dangerous), I am now willing to
move some of my stock)) and are selling their rig for $4,200 for a
version with a 36V nimh high current battery.

Another tweaker out of Florida is running twin hub motors on a
recumbent, one to get
him off the line in a 20" front wheel and the "racer" aka "high
in a 26" rear wheel to get him to 40mph (both powered from a single
36V 8 amp-hour single nimh pack OEM EVG mini-EBIKE product (Chevron-
Ovonics pack), I'm guessing big
time voltage sag but so what! The"Chevron-Ovonics" nimh pack was retro
fitted (free) after their stock OEM Lithium packs had recall/problems,
I would guess after
the recall Lee went for broke to get the absolute best battery
available in attempts to keep the companies flag in the air) this guy
on the recombant
has balls as the geometry gets "iffy" over 20-30mph on these things
(his version has the front wheel under his knees thus a short wheel
base regardless of steering rake).

Anywho I have horded a bunch of these motors/ bikes/ batteries/
chargers/ parts and they are of the highest quality, it's proven.
Their use is up to you but my dream or ideal use (meaning best rig to
date of all electric bikes, minus noise/sound while powering, nothing
can touch the TF motor in that regard, it is truly unique on its own
for that reason with very good efficiency) set-up is through the
crank set and using changeable gear ratios. The inefficiency of a
brushed motor vs a brushless would be more than made up for because
it's already super geared down in its own hub package and could run a
front crank-set without another gear reduction (if used on the
chain ring). The QC of the krauts is untouchable and their time and
specs prove it.

Brian Kissel
aka Fluxface handle on this forum
Bay Area CA

PS pricing will be based on curiosity (spl?), I'm not looking for
profit, only to get these units into capable hands that will DO
SOMETHING TRULY USEFULL!!, not rocket science buds, please someone
with a will and a way (free time) kindly go to work!.

PPS FYI has a "Clearance" sale selling used motors
(only the motor without an enclosure, well the enclosure is what
carries the spokes, freewheel, clutch and right side load bearing. In
other words fairly useless without an existing Ebike with a blown

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