Falco, anyone try one yet?

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Elect Bike

Jul 2, 2014, 9:52:55 PM7/2/14
to tidal...@googlegroups.com
Correction, 11.6 X 36 at 5.5 lbs. Battery
Motor 10 lbs 500w
With a 22 lb moots ybb softail, I think I can meet my 38 lb weight goal.


Dave Macdougall

Jul 4, 2014, 1:24:05 PM7/4/14
to tidal...@googlegroups.com
I have.
I have the UK 250 model. I'm based in the UK so I purchased it from Team Hybrid in The UK. I went down to their unit to see what was available as I was getting a bit fed up with messing about with my TF 1000X. It was also due for a complete overhaul and I was looking for a more turnkey solution.
I was very, very dubious about the 250 watt UK spec (and it was a pedelec) coming from my TF. I had experience of 250 watt motors in the past.
Bob basically said take that bike for a ride we can chat when you get back. Well chat we did and they have a youtube video of my bike being kitted out. I have talked about a couple journeys on here before so you can check those out if you like.
I have just been back to get some spokes replaced and get a consul fitted. It really does make more sense to have the consul and that really is my recommendation. Here's the good bit though. I had the new software loaded. What a difference. This software can be tuned to rider and bike. I will be going back to get it fine-tuned. The standard settings have made keeping top speed harder. I did stress to Bob that I was happy to pedal as I wanted an assist not a motor bike . All the power is at the lower speeds. Battery usage has decreased unbelievably. What's interesting though is it has hardly increased my journey time to work. Now I don’t know if the Pedelec software is available in The USA nor whether you guys would want it (it is worth looking at) but what it does show is the motor can be very efficient in a what you could call an automatic mode so someone who is used to electric bikes should get the same if not more. I have done 100 miles on the new software and am delighted. I have a few steps to climb up when I get home and a narrow path to my shed so was always looking to store my TF inside because the rear motor and rear battery made getting to the shed a real pain. Not so with the Falco. I have a lightish well balanced machine and that’s with big winter tyres still on it.

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Elect Bike

Jul 4, 2014, 5:59:25 PM7/4/14
to tidal...@googlegroups.com
Thanks for the info
A few questions if you don't mind
I think this is the YouTube link your referring to , I've watched it before.
Very nice bike , is that it ?


If so, how is it just having a front shock ? Do you bounce around a lot?
Do the disc brakes make a big difference ? I've considered going either way. The tidal force breaks weren't disc and they worked great, but then again, may as well get the best stopping power.
How much does the bike weigh?

Dave Macdougall

Jul 5, 2014, 5:55:44 AM7/5/14
to tidal...@googlegroups.com
That’s my bike.
It’s a Boardman 26inc wheel from Halfords. I had to by a bike from Halfords as I used a bike to work scheme via my company. It is very light but I'm not sure of the exact weight. There is no comparison between it and my TF. With the battery in the central triangle it is well balanced. The tyres I am using are Continental winter tyres heavy soft rubber. So of course they do cushion a bit. I run at 60 psi. Before the new software I did bounce a bit but I ran out of gearing at top speeds.

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