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Jun 27, 2007, 1:57:03 PM6/27/07
to TestDriven.NET Users

Is there a way to support multiple version of MbUnit with TD.Net at
the same time?

We've got many projects with many actives versions to support for our
many clients. We want to upgrade MbUnit from version 2.3 to 2.4 but
upgrading all branches in our repository is quite a PITA. We decided
on adding the new version of MbUnit under the source control so we
only have to change those references in the future when upgrading

Everything looks fine but for TestDriven.Net. Unfortunately I've
found that TD.Net use a registry key to store where the MbUnit.AddIn
assembly should be loaded from. As MbUnit is not multi version
friendly in the AddIn I think I've got two options.

First, push on the MbUnit team to support multi versions in their
AddIn (I think I'll be done in v3.0) because I'm guessing there must
be a really good reason the crude version check is in the AddIn.

Second, create a batch file to override the registry key where the
MbUnit.AddIn assembly path is stored and run it every time I'm
switching project and version to be sure TD.Net will be running with
the good version of the AddIn.

Did I missed something or is there another easier work around for this

Pascal Laurin

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