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Robert Lloyd

Jun 1, 2010, 3:13:20 PM6/1/10
Hallo John
I had a computer problem for a few days and have not had a chance to comment on the scenarios proposed.
I thought they were good choices and I am lucky enough to have played them all before although never more than once.
I would second the query of the balance of Scenario A as it had occurred to me that I was confident the Japanese would be favoured in this. I am not sure I could be an authority on it with only one play.
See you on Friday
Robert Lloyd
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    John McLintock <> May 31 12:58AM +0100 ^
    Hi there Mike,
    what you say is pretty true I guess. I chose it nonetheless because it
    has a low unit count; for the board configuration; and because I thought
    it'd be an interesting challenge. I guess scenarios E: West Tank Barrier
    or F: Stalemate could be substituted; scenario H: Dog Plus Eight at a
    pinch. I'm reluctant to go with any other narrow configuration
    Japanese/US scenarios because they push the unit count higher than I'm
    comfortable with.
    The alternative- of switching the board configurations for the national
    matchups, falls foul of my self-imposed unit count requirement, ie. that
    it be as low as possible. So I could go with E I guess; in fact I can
    say that I will unless anyone else thinks it's a bad idea. This is a
    challenging scenario too but I prefer it to F myself.
    I admit I may be being over cautious here but I'm keeping playing time
    in mind. If I am proved to be over cautious we can always bear this in
    mind for next year. Thanks for your comments Mike. Looking forward to
    seeing you all again in a few days. My best wishes to you and yours.


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John McLintock

Jun 1, 2010, 7:46:20 PM6/1/10
hello again. Thanks for your kind words. Just so you know: I decided to go with scenario E: West Tank Barrier. It's still tough but not so notorious. That's it for now. See you Friday. In the meantime, all the best to you and yours.
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