Muizenberg Crag Cave Dweller

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Table Mountain Watch

Aug 16, 2013, 2:11:22 AM8/16/13
3 weeks ago we encountered a tough looking vagrant sleeping in the cave at the base of the rock for the Muizenberg Peak climbs.
We were careful to avoid the cave but it made for rather tense climbing and descent.
I reported this to SAN Parks (Crime on the mountain number 086110 6417) and to the Muizenberg Police.

Last Saturday he was still there, and we didn’t take a chance again but went straight back down and phoned the City Council Land Invasion number, and AGAIN SAN Parks Crime on the mountain.
This time I was careful to describe the cave above Boyes drive near where the warning signs for the Bird nesting are, and NOT call it Muizenberg Cave which would confuse it with the one in Silvermine.

Climbers should be alert when approaching the rock band on Muizenberg peak, as the ‘Cave’ there is often inhabited these days it seems.

Report by Mike Scott
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