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TRB ITS Committee (AHB15) 

20 Years of Excellence in Moving ITS Research


Scope: The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Committee is concerned with ITS systems-level issues. Such issues include conceptual system planning and design, integration of technologies and approaches from various sub-disciplines within ITS, applications to all modes of ground transportation and to facilitate intermodal integration, and evaluation of the overall impacts of ITS on the developers, users, and operators of all parts of the ground transportation system. Activities focus on the broad planning, policy, economic, social, technological, and institutional aspects of the development and implementation of ITS. The Committee also facilitates coordination of ITS- related issues with other standing committees of TRB.

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Jane Lappin
Program Manager
Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

TRB Staff Representative
Richard A. Cunard
Engineer of Traffic and Operations
Transportation Research Board