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Pat Clements

Jan 16, 2009, 12:25:05 PM1/16/09
to tnbikeadvocates, Leslie Thompson
I don't think Leslie's account has priveleges on TNBikeAdvocates list.  Here's her draft.  Discussion?

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Date: Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 10:44 AM
Subject: Re: Bill to ban bicycling on River Road
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The (2003-2007) data obtained is unofficial but does not show bicyclists being involved in accidents on River Road.
HB0095 was filed January 15, 2008 by Rep. Gary Moore.  If you would like to track the bill and find you State Rep, see the links below.  Suggested language to send your Rep:
I am very concerned about HB0095 which proposes a ban on bicycling on River Road from Charlotte Pike (Highway 70/State Route 24) to the Cheatam County line.  By state law, bicyclists are considered vehicles and are legally obligated to ride on the road just like cars.  Banning bicycling impacts those who choose to bicycle and those for whom bicycling is their only form of transportation.  In these econimic times, it is critical that we provide transportation options for our citizens, including facilities for bicycling, walking and transit.  The Tennessee Department of Transportation has a long-range plan committed to providing safe roadways for all users, including bicyclists.  Bicycling is an affordable mode of transportation, does not decrease our air quality, and may have positive impacts on health of users, including reductions in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. 
Thank you for voting against passage of HB0095.
TN General Assembly Bill History
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Leslie A. Thompson

From: "Carr, Stephen" <Stephe...@zeitlinrealtors.com>
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Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 7:48:17 PM
Subject: RE: Bill to ban bicycling on River Road

Perhaps folks on this list can provide insight to  the following:
I recall bikes being banned, then allowed again, on Wilson Pike in Brentwood, probably in the 1980s. Anyone remember the facts on that?
I recall bikes being banned on a section of highway in Memphis along the Wolf River. That ban stood for quite a while, but I don't know if it is still in effect. Anyone know?
Does anyone have a history of the recent actions (last year or so) toward banning bikes from some roads in Williamson County and how that was taken off the table?
My thinking is what was learned from these previous experiences that may apply to River Road? I also agree knowing the background for Mr. Moore's  bill is crucial.
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From: Glen Wanner [mailto:glen....@vanderbilt.edu]
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Subject: Re: Bill to ban bicycling on River Road

River Road is not included in the original Strategic Plan for Sidewalk and Bikeways and I doubt it is in the new one. My thinking is that it is very rural and does not serve logical destinations for most cyclists so it was not a high priority for cycling facilities. However, it is popular for recreational riding and is included in our book Bicycling Middle Tennessee. I know several clubs also use it.
Everyone should oppose this state bill banning cycling. The speed limits are set so motorists have plenty of time to identify cyclists ahead. State law requires the overtaking motorists to insure the safety of all others. If cyclists are unduly impeding traffic, there are laws that should address that. This is simply a law to get the damn cyclists out of the way so angry motorists can drive faster.
A similar attempt occurred in Wilson County but it was passed by the local county commission who later overturned on advice from their legal council. Since this is a state bill, this one might work.
We really need to mount a state-wide effort on this one. We should probably get in touch with the League of American Bicyclists in that they could at least offer advice if not other assistance.
Unfortunately, we do not have a state-wide advocacy organization so the effort should be spear-headed by local advocates, but we will needs lot of help from others around the state. Since the legislative session has just started, the bill will have to go to committee first before it goes to a full vote. I think the State Senate would need to pass a similar bill and then the governor would have to sign it. Thus, we have several opportunities to kill the bill--the sooner the better.
Glen Wanner
Walk/Bike Nashville
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Subject: Re: Bill to ban bicycling on River Road

I, for one, think we should oppose this, especially if we can find anyone who uses that road for commuting. Bicycles are vehicles, and if there are no travel lanes to some of the park land on River Road, this cuts off those areas from access by cyclists. River Road is the only way to get to the Sam's Creek Recreational Area, for instance, as well as all the outlets to the river along the way there. Unless the bill were coincident with an extensive river greenway (which, if it exists, I don't know about), I'd oppose it. If a full-length greenway exists or could be created, I'd be less opposed.

Thomas F. O'Connell
President, Walk/Bike Nashville

On Jan 15, 2009, at 4:03 PM, Meehan, Leslie (MPO) wrote:

This is the first I have heard of this, but a bill has been filed to ban bicycling on River Road in NE Davidson County.  If you've never been on River Road, it's beautiful and extremely narrow in spots.  Suggestions for how we as a bicycling community could address this?
Leslie A. Meehan, MPA
Nashville Area MPO
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Jan 20, 2009, 3:32:02 PM1/20/09
to Tennessee Bicycling Advocates
Am I correct in understanding that this is occurring at the state
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