Technion International Student Network

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Welcome to the Technion TISUN group!
You are invited to join and communicate easily with other English-speaking international Technion students.
TISUN lets you send messages other members, make announcements, ask questions, and share information.

The more you participate, the more Technion becomes an interesting place. For example, you may:

  • Invite others to an event you are organizing
  • Tell others about an upcoming lecture that will be given in English
  • Ask a question about how to get something done in Israel
  • Organize people for sports or travel around Israel
  • Learn the opinion of others on an issue
  • Offer to buy and sell items from other International Students
To send a message, send an email from the account you used to join this group to
Every message sent gets saved as a "Discussion" and can be accessed through this webpage
We hope you will find this resource useful and that you feel comfortable participating in the group and adding to our community.
Please note that this group is an informal group of international visitors and students at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. The Technion and its employees are not involved in any way in the management or operation of the group, and do not monitor the contents of the messages posted by group members. Therefore, the Technion holds no responsibility for the posted content.
Best of luck! B'hatzlecha! בהצלחה!