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Sep 15, 2020, 3:11:29 AM9/15/20

I’ve simpler needs and a smaller budget RW but its great to hear what others are using and keeps us aware of other options.  I’m sure you’ve put a lot of thought, love, energy and time into all that.  Keep enjoying it, keep exploring all the options for house/car/mobile.


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All I'm trying to say is that Pulsar is capable of handling files up to
192k, 24 bit. And yes, I have very good earphones plus I can send the
music to my home processor, an Integra 80.3. This is a top-level processor
with Audyssey XT32 room correction and the rest of my system is pretty darn
good: Gallo Reference 3.1 speakers in a 5.2 configuration, Oppo 105
CD/DVD/SACD player, and Acurus and Crown amps. I also have a 60" LG 4K
HDTV. Let's just say that I have probably the best system in my
development and leave it at that...[smile]
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Sep 16, 2020, 12:45:56 AM9/16/20
to SurroundSound
You might be surprised how little I paid for my gear.  My $2500 processor I bought as a re-furb for $749.  And it came with a 2 year warranty!..My $3500/ea speakers I paid about $1200 ea.  I just knew exactly what I wanted and I was *patient*.  Eventually, a deal came my way and I didn't hesitate to pull the trigger.  The gear is out there, cheap, if you're willing to be patient.  Try for the best  gear in the world...
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