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Jan 10, 2024, 11:42:55 AMJan 10
to SportsDataBase
Hello....I'm trying to use this code but it is coming back without any hits on the college basketball site. My query is for dogs that have won at least once in the previous 5 matchups. I am using the code listed below. The odd thing is it seems to work for NBA but not for NCAA hoops:

D and tS(P:margin>0, N=5)>0

Joe Meyer

Jan 10, 2024, 2:15:21 PMJan 10
SDQL Friends,

This SDQL: 
D and tS(P:margin>0, N=5)>0

expands out to:
D and Sum(P:margin>0@team and season, N=5)>0

and requires that 5 same season matches have been played.

 For dogs that have won at least once in the previous 5 matchups, consider rather the SDQL:
 D and Sum(margin>0@team and o:team, N=5)>0

Best regards,

Joe Meyer
Eyeball Communications LLC

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