League wide W/L record of games where the team didn't have their starter

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Jan 31, 2024, 4:57:14 PMJan 31
to SportsDataBase
Trying to see W/L record of games where the team didn't have their starter. 

Individual team records are simple. 

Ja Morant:minutes=0 and team=Mavericks and season=2021 
(MEM was impressive without him in 2021)

Wondering if can use this same concept for league wide. 

I tried this to no avail, it must be something simple I'm sure.

S(W),S(L),Player:list:minutes[:5]=0 @team and season=2021

S(W),S(L),date,team,o:team,Player:list:minutes[:5]@season>=2023 and len([*filter(lambda x:x=0, Player:list:minutes[:5])])<=1

Joe Meyer

Jan 31, 2024, 7:56:24 PMJan 31
to sportsd...@googlegroups.com
SDQL Friends,

To see how NBA teams have done this season when their starting 5 was not the same as in their previous game, use the SDQL: 

S(W),S(L),R(team)@Player:list:name[:5]!=p:Player:list:name[:5] and team and  season=2023|

Best regards,

Joe Meyer
Eyeball Communications.com


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Jan 31, 2024, 9:05:31 PMJan 31
to SportsDataBase
Is it possible to key in on games when All Star type starters miss (Ex.Joel Embiid), rather than when any run of the mill starters miss (Ex. Tobias Harris).

I was thinking usage percantage could possibly be utilized, could filter games where only starters of usage percentage>24% miss the game.(Jimmy Butler has a 24.5% usage percentage so using him as a baseline)

Example: Joel Embiid has a 39% Usage percentage compared to Tobias 20%. So the sdql will only show games that an all star type player (Embiid) with a usage percantage>24% missed.
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