Kirtan at Cushman Market this past Saturday

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Sep 23, 2008, 10:50:56 AM9/23/08
Hi Everyone
Greetings of the season,
I would like to introduce my band The Ouroboros Solution. We are New England Based (Massachusetts), We offer a dynamic and Heart opening Kirtan and would love for you to condsider our band for events present and future. Please visit our blog or listen to our music on My Space and let me know what you think. This past weekend, the 20th of September, we shared Kirtan at a somewhat unlikely spot - a small village Market and Cafe in North Amherst during their Saturday Brunch. We were given a most wonderful reception by both the patrons and the staff. JUst as we were packing up at the end a young Mother approached me. She asked me what kind of Music we were playing and I explained to her what Kirtan is. She said that her Baby who had been fussing all morning but the second we strated chanting the Baby settled right down. I remember that this child could not take her eyes off of us while were sharing Kirtan. I made a list of Kirtan recording artists for the Mom and then she mentioned that she also has a son with Autism and she mentioned that he comforted by repeteitive phrases and she was going to get teach him our chants and now will play Kirtan in her home and see what effect it has on her childrens behaviour. This was such a testement to the power of music and the power of Kirtan. It truly underscores our band motto - Transformation through Vibration!
Many Thanks and Blessings to you all,
Karen Powers

The Ouroboros Solution
Music for Body Mind and Spirit
You can find The Ouroboros Solution at My Space and
get a free download of our Shiva Nataraj !! Just click on the link below. It may take a few seconds for the music to load.

The world is my Guru
Peace is my path
and Love is my religion.

-Sterin Myttin

May Peace Guide You And Love Find You
-Lucifera Ursantii

Love Everyone
Serve Everyone
Feed Everyone
-Neem Karoli Baba

Watch your thoughts; they become your words
Watch your words; they become your actions
Watch your actions; they become your habits
Watch your habits; they become your character
Watch your character it becomes your destiny.
-John Outlaw

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