Silvern Castle Version 9.5 Released

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Jan 11, 2014, 3:42:30 PM1/11/14
The  V9.5 release is available at the following websites:
Bugs Fixed in v9.5:

o Thanks to Choi Youngjoo for reporting error #53-4035 (and subsequent #53-143 at title page) due to potential overflow of message time delay variable at Red Dragon Inn.

Stuff Changed in v9.5:

o Added rarity byte to each monster.

o Low-level encounters more likely to be patrols or swarms.

o MicroDot error codes are now reported in the range 256-511.

o Casting sleep or dispel now displays the total number of identical monsters affected instead of per group.

o Characters must have stowage containers to carry more than 100 coins without incurring an encumbrance penalty. You may carry as many containers as you have open slots, but to simplify game management, for those containers to be used to carry coins they must be equipped. Encumbrance is optional - see the preferences.

o Confirmation shown when Equip All selected.

New Stuff Added in v9.5:

o Stowage containers: Backpacks (2000 coin capacity) and sacks (500 coins).

o Camp now has a S)towage option to easily manage encumbrance.

o New status: DYING! When your hit points reach zero or below you are considered unconscious (DYING). You become DEAD when your hit points fall below a negative number equal to your maximum hit points. A DYING character is unable to act and takes damage like a POISONED character until DEAD.

Bruce Baker

Jan 13, 2014, 1:02:37 PM1/13/14
I am excited that you are still working on it.  However I have not played in years.  I'd like to set up the old A2 and fire up some games, this would certainly be one.  It is such a great adventure game.

Thanks for the update and the heads up.

(I still mourn that you made it harder to get fantastic stuff.  But I understand.)

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Jan 15, 2014, 7:41:46 PM1/15/14
Regarding the magic items, I relented a few versions back to allow up to +12 items (even higher are possible)!
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