Silvern Castle v9.3 Released

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May 31, 2008, 6:48:00 PM5/31/08
to Silvern Castle
Silvern Castle v9.3 is now available for download:

Bugs Fixed:
•Corrected possible error #53-3801 and others when encountering a maze
"divine help" specials.
•Fixed error #107-786 when using magical items that affect character
attributes/skills. Thanks to MacDog for reporting.
•Fixed errors #107-2356 and #53-2356 when dropping coins.

Stuff Changed:
•Potential to find items up to +12 or higher at statues and other
•New lower prices for temple services and products (mostly potions).
•When starting Silvern, the automap folders are checked to make sure
they exist, and to recreate them if necessary.
•The market main menu has been revamped.
•Regardless of strength, a character can only carry 1500 coins without
incurring an encumbrance penalty. This penalty is in addition to the
normal encumbrance penalty due to total weight carried - whichever is
•Divvy exchanges coins for pp, with any reminder in gp. No fee.

New Stuff :
•New Extra's Menu option: Delete Obsolete Files.
•Multicast: In camp only, you may choose to cast any spell up to 6
times by pressing <TAB> before selecting the spell. If casting a heal
hit points spell, you can also choose to automatically cast the spell
until the character or party is fully healed.
•New Spell: Enchant. Gives a special spectral enchantment to normal or
lesser enchanted weapons to strike monsters with weapon immunities.
Has no effect on normal corporeal entities. If cast by multiple
characters, the effects are cumulative, although the duration/power is
limited. Note: This spell replaces Dpockets.
•New camp command: B)urden. This command displays the current
character's carrying capacity, total weight carried, and any
encumbrance penalties.
•Platinum pieces added: Exchange 1pp = 10gp.
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