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Peter Johnson

May 12, 2018, 3:11:00 PM5/12/18
to Silvern Castle
It looks like really nice Wizardry like game which probably not many people know about.
I did not play it yet, but I will try it in future.

Just wanting to post this to let you know that there are still people interested in such games (I met interesting but abandoned games in past which were impossible to play or play fully any longer because of websites disappearing, shareware registrations no longer working etc. - basically lost for ever). Good to see that this game is still available.


Jeff Fink

May 13, 2018, 11:44:14 PM5/13/18
to Silvern Castle

Just saw the review.

Unbelievable the reviewer was able to finish in only 35 hours over the course of 1 month!

As the reviewer suspected, the maze is computer generated. For me, the end-goal wasn't as important or fun as managing party resources and discovering new stuff. That's why most of the best parts in my opinion like the lairs and specials are randomly placed. Every expedition is different. You never know what you will find.


Also, Silvern Castle is an evolving game. The version Softdisk purchased in 1988 bears little resemblance to the game as it stands now. The encumbrance system wasn’t added until 1999, the autotmap in 2001, the proving grounds to buy/sell attribute points in 2003, and the monster graphics in 2005. The maze was only 20x20 too back in those days. And the only currency was gold pieces.


For those looking for a more goal-oriented challenge with riddles and traps the included additional scenarios provide that experience. However, for me the open-ended aspect keeps me coming back. Plus I hated those mapping challenges like spinners, teleporters, and dark areas.

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