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Jun 5, 2007, 2:19:48 PM6/5/07
to ශිල්ප සයුර අධ්‍යාපන තොරතුරු ව්‍යාපෘතිය Shilpa Sayura
Although annoymus forums take a path to throw mud creation tension
among community, educationforum.lk seems growing constructive. We
would like to request the operators to make the site authentic by

1. Providing trusted user registration system which enables user ids
and passwords, so that credit and responsibility will go to posts and
people who write will take responsibility for what they write.

You may have to use better technology to enable collboration,
communication and also build a revenue model for covering technical
costs. drupal, joomala or wordpress are technology options. You can
get a free word press account, in case if you dont want to host it
your self. How ever its limited in features, as well as free hosted
lacks authentication.

Long run you could operate even as a physical organisation with the
members you collaborate trough the web.
We belive that it's a constructive way of doing something, how ever
its started,
Somethings come up when need arise, but it can keep being in the dark.

Finally we all have to go main stream, collaborating in educational

You may be aware that Sinhala Unicode Group is collboration among
stakeholders, making a constructive discussion to take benefits of ICT
to the community. It included core ICT professionals, ICT policy
makers and ICT Acadmic Experts.


Shilpa Sayura (www.shilpasayura.org) is a project that focusses on
handycapped student communities around Nenasala.

It's a digital self learning programme for students in rural Sri Lanka
was a pioneering effort named ‘Shilpa Sayura’ or ‘sea of knowledge’.
It was initiated and developed by E fusion (www.sinharaja.com) in
February 2006 and was funded by the ICTA e-Society Programme

We believe ‘Shilpa Sayura’ could contribute to addressing the issue of
the shortage of school teachers, especially in distant rural area one
which continues to be a setback to the county’s educational system.
The ‘Shilpa Sayura’ e-learning package covers eight school subjects,
in Sinhala from grade six to O level. Shilpa Sayura’s simple
interactive means of self study caters to students in remote
communities with no access to urban educational resources. Still in
its pilot stage Shilpa Sayura now operates in 20 ‘Nenasalas’ or tele-
centers located in distant villages and promotes the concept of self
learning among students in these secluded communities.

The ‘Shilpa Sayura’ pilot project has been a success story, the
programme now it needs to expand via the 380 Nansalas or rural tele-
centers located island wide. The next phase would be the
transformation of Shilpa Sayura into a National project to strengthen
rural education and bridge the gap between rural and urban students.

Shilpa Sayura Event on June 14 -15

The success story of showcased in the Kandiyapitawewa village
community in bintenna plains of monaragala district. A Technology and
Cultural Festival is scheduled to be held from 9th to 15th June to
commemorate the success of Shilpa Sayura E learning programme in the
rural ICT community of Kandiyapitawewa in Monaragala. This seven day
event will bring together ICT and Education Experts, Donor Agencies,
Nenasala Operators, Students, Teachers and Media Personal.

Shilpa Sayura believes this event would usher in a new era and empower
our rural communities through the use of ICT and would hopefully
capture the attention of aid and funding agencies. We cordially invite
all stakeholders to come and observe and experience this unique
community ICT event.

A festival of live folk music, art and dances and ancient folk drama
"Sokari" has been put together for the benefit of all visitors and
will be staged on the evening 15th June at Kandiyapitawewa,

Visitors can acquire and share community ICT knowledge as well as
enjoy sessions. For further more information please contact the event
manager and Shilpa Sayura Project on 0112 802820

This invitation is from Kaputa.com Team who organizes the Event for
Shilpa Sayura
You all are welcome.


We also make this opportunity to thank people known and unknown who
encouraged, assisted and collaboted with us to develop Shilpa Sayura
an ICT concept that can change the way how rural students study.

Thanks again

Niranjan Meegammana

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