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Oct 8, 2006, 12:37:39 PM10/8/06
to Seattle Screenwriters
The third act is coming along nicely. It's actually going very fast.
I suppose that's how it's supposed to go. It should only encompass the
last 30 minutes of the movie.

I knew that I wouldn't be doing much writing until I finished reading
Frank's book. In fact, I did no writing at all while I was reading it.
It was tough to switch gears from reading a police thriller to writing
a western. Two totally different beasts you could say.

But I wrote like mad on my lunch last night, then my last break, and
for the past hour since I got home. I have the final bout between the
villain and the hero to write then the wrap up. I don't think that's
an official screenwriting term but it's what I'm calling the blurb at
the end. After that, I may have a scene or two to put in, but for the
most part will complete my first draft of my first feature length
screenplay. Any producers looking to buy a kick ass western for next
year's summer blockbuster?!! Actually, if I was to fantasize about it,
it would probably take until next summer to start shooting. Being a
period piece, a year to a year and a half shooting. Which puts it, at
best, out around late summer 2008. Look for it in theaters!!

Okay, back to reality. I still need to finish it. Fortunately, I'm

When it's finished, I won't go directly into a rewrite (at least I
don't think so). I will work on filming the two shorts I wrote last
week. That should be fun.

Getting sleepy. To all you other writers out there...
Keep writing.

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