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Nov 25, 2009, 11:48:29 PM11/25/09
to Seattle Screenwriters
Hello, Seattle Screenwriters,

I'm Scott, one of the managers of this group. I just wanted to let
everyone know what I'm up to. Although I never seem to write as much
as I want, I am still writing. I've started on a new script about
Passion, a promiscuous twenty-something and very popular radio talk
show host who promises to fulfill her grandmother's dying wish...to
save her first kiss until marriage! Grandma was a little delirious at
her time of death, so she couldn't have possibly meant it...right?
Well, Passion's radio audience thinks so. They want her to go through
with it! Did I mention there's a time limit (there's always a time
limit!)? By her next birthday in 3 weeks!

Well, it's a start! I'm also going to school at the International
Academy of Design and Technology in Seattle (Tukwila.) I'm pursuing a
Bachelor's in Digital Media Production. It's the closest thing to
film school up here and they have good programs and good people there.

So, if you've got a moment, check in and let the group know what
you're doing, what you want to do, if you need anything (like
inspiration, ideas, co-writers, etc.) and I'm sure we'll be glad to

As for me, if anyone can get me into a radio booth to catch one of our
awesome local radio talk shows in person, I would much appreciate it.
I suppose I could just call and ask, too. I doubt they'd decline a
Seattle Screenwriter an opportunity for some hands-on research!
Whaddya think?

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and productive holiday. Holiday
movies are hot (or cool) this time of year, so get started and have it
ready by next holiday season. If anyone likes a challenge. I got an
idea for a holiday that's, really, still in the idea stage...I'll
"race" you to a first draft! Any takers?

Have fun and keep writing!
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