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Sep 17, 2006, 12:59:33 PM9/17/06
to Seattle Screenwriters
I've been writing fairly steady. Though not for very long stints of
time. I know this is better then nothing, but I would like to finish
this first screenplay. I think it would give me a boost in writing and
I would start to become more consistent at when I write and for how

I've been listening to these filmmaking podcasts and they've fired me
up. I've gotten so many ideas from them. Directing a film had always
seemed a scary thing to me. But the more I listen to some of these
guys talk about it the easier it seems. I mean, these are idependant
film people and, I'm sorry, they are not the brightest crowd. (I don't
mean everyone involved in independant filmmaking, so keep your shirt
on!). My point is that it has inspired me to give it a shot.

I have a short film in mind. Probably only 7 minutes or so. I watched
a 14 minute indie and couldn't wait for it to end. (Incidentally, the
premise is an idea I've already come up with. My story, Whistler, is
about a killer who, after being given the chair, is suddenly calling
his victim's families. Especially the one that got away.) So I
figured if I could get the story told and over with, more people will
appreciate a longer film from me. I also want to podcast my progress.
Have my own filmmaking podcast. Like I said, these other guys don't
have any special talents other then (some) creativity and their ability
to put their dreams into action. And for that they deserve all the
praise anyone could give them.

Too many people, including myself, sit back and simply dream. How many
actually have the courage to act upon them? Would you rather dream a
dream or live a dream? The answer's obvious. The difference between
the two is ACTION. Why are you putting it off. Life only gets in the
way if you let it.

I've got to go to work...but I'll still write a couple of scenes/pages


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