SF44 Hauling Out with a Cradle

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Soggy Paws

Sep 30, 2015, 1:20:45 AM9/30/15
to Saint Francis Owners Group
Hi Everyone (hopefully there is still someone here!)

We are new SF 44 MKII owners.  We took possession while the boat was on the hard in Malaysia.  When they launched us, we took pictures which we have attached.  That yard used a sort of a tray that slid in between the two hulls (almost like a huge forklift).  The main supports of that "forklift" were placed just outside the fore and aft ribs under the bridge deck.  See the two "forklift" pictures.

Now we want to haul out again, in a different yard in the Philippines.  This yard uses a custom-designed cradle arrangement, again sliding the cradle in underneath, between the two hulls.  Unfortunately, because of the width of the supports on their cradle, they can't place the supports where the other yard did.  This yard wants to put the supports under the outer part of the bridge deck (see red arrows in the "in water" picture).

Does anyone have any information or useful advice about hauling this way?

How does a yard with a conventional travelift (ie Crackerboy where I saw recommended a few times in discussions) do the haulout?  Do they do it in slings?

I have done quite a bit of searching in the group trying to find out any discussion on hauling out, but haven't found anything talking about this issue.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Sherry & Dave
SF 44 MkII #38 (formerly Blue Moon, now Soggy Paws)
SoggyPaws Rear View With Arrows.jpg
Forklift-Bow View.jpg
Forklift-Stern View.jpg

motoyuki sato

Sep 30, 2015, 3:56:01 AM9/30/15
to saintf...@googlegroups.com

Hi, Soggy Paws,
I recommend yoou to contact Dunkan@ St.francis marine ?
They always carry their boat supporting inside as you are planning

SV Umineko, hull no. 1

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Randy Abernethy

Sep 30, 2015, 4:33:52 AM9/30/15
to saintf...@googlegroups.com, Duncan Lethbridge


Sep 30, 2015, 10:53:49 PM9/30/15
to St. Francis

I have never been hauled this way.

Crackerboy uses slings from a LARGE travelift. They place the
slings at the fore and aft joining of the main cabin to the hulls.
That is, one parallel to the sliding cabin door, and one roughly
a bit in front of the mast. This works well, I have used it maybe
10 or 12 times.

One problem is that the nylon slings stretch, and will chew up a
flexible rub-rail, just so you know.

I see no reason the "forklift" method would not work. The underside is
strong enough to put up with the pounding 44's are prone to, so you ought
to be able to lift it that way.

A 44 dry ought to weigh in at around 15,000 Lbs. Maybe 18 or even 20 with
accumulation. My only concern would be how this weight would be
supported on the "forklift".  The underside is a curved and complex surface.
I would not want it to contact in only 3 or 4 points with 8 tons of boat.

My 2 cents on the topic.

SV Obelix

Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 01:33:52 -0700
Subject: Re: [Saint Francis OG] SF44 Hauling Out with a Cradle
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Bill Duning

Oct 1, 2015, 9:12:38 AM10/1/15
to saintf...@googlegroups.com
We have had Tribe hauled on both a rail (similar to the fork lift) and using a travel lift (w/straps ~ slings). Both ways worked very well and I would not be worried about the strength of the bridge deck.

When we hauled using the slings we placed them just fore and just aft of the keels; this seemed to work well and had them far enough apart that there wasn't a concern of too much weight forward etc...  Here is a pic with Tribe in a 110ton travel lift in Honduras.

If there are specific questions please feel free to email me.

Cheers, Bill
Cheers, Bill

...each day is a gift and not a given right

s/v Tribe

Soggy Paws

Oct 1, 2015, 6:16:17 PM10/1/15
to Saint Francis Owners Group
Thanks everybody, that's really helpful info.  Great to have a few friends holding our hands as we go through the learning curve on the new boat.

Dave & Sherry
s/v Soggy Paws (Formerly Blue Moon)

Soggy Paws

Nov 23, 2016, 5:12:59 PM11/23/16
to Saint Francis Owners Group
We just finished a 600 nm sail from Palau to the Philippines, and we are really happy with the performance of our SF 44.  After 2000 miles and 6 months of cruising, we are going back in the yard to fix a few things and add a few things, so we got hauled out again.  

I took lots of pictures and blogged about our haulout this time, and thought I'd share it with you guys...

Sherry & Dave
s/v Soggy Paws (formerly Blue Moon)  SF 44 MKII #38
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