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Oct 11, 2010, 6:52:19 PM10/11/10
to Southern Cross Divers

Okay .. I have booked in two trips with Vidar for next year, one in
May and the other in September. No firm prices yet but think about
$3500 for 8/9 days

Trip one. Terennganu leave 10th May back 18th ...... all news stuff
for us and a few new marks for Vidar to check out, they came from
Jamie so should be good.

Trip two. Kuching leave 3rd Sept back 11th ...... A lot of the these
wrecks we have done before but yet again Vidar is sniffing arounf so I
expect a few interesting dives to be had.

regards Baz

Nick Windle

Oct 11, 2010, 6:58:17 PM10/11/10
I am keen to do may just need to check a few things out

Paul McMurrick

Oct 11, 2010, 7:01:59 PM10/11/10
Thanks Baz

May be a goer for May. Will let you know as soon as i can

Paul McMurrick

Nick Windle

Oct 12, 2010, 4:23:20 AM10/12/10

September for me just check with the boss


Oct 12, 2010, 11:41:04 PM10/12/10
to Southern Cross Divers
Just got this info off Vidar for the trips ... regards Baz

Terengganu 10th May to the 18th May 2011

The following wrecks are planned to be dived on this trip

Nitchiei Maru, 10,000 ton tanker 30-50m
Dutch sub O-20,40m,
Tairyu Maru ,
Maybe the Tottori Maru in 78m,
Also quite few other known freighters,
We also have 2 undived, but confirmed sonar hits offshore Terengganu,
one maybe a Jap minelayer, and small Jap tanker in 60m.
Further north into the Gulf I have another 6 new marks worth taking a
look at. 60m general depths.

The actual route will be planned once onboard. Too many to choose
from !!

Kuching 3rd September to the 11th September 2011

From Kuching, first diving day would be the wrecks not far out from

Jap destroyer Sagiri, 20-28m and,
2 Marus, the Katori being the biggest and best, 9-20m. next would be
the d'artagnan, for one or two days,

We then have 2 options

Northern route, 30 hours steam (0ne day off) to huge tanker "Caribica"
34-76m plus an optional small freighter near the Caribica.

Following that, choice of 2 wrecks, one being a cargo ship carrying
logs called "Nagarit" 60-82m or an old steel cargo ship, which I have
personally have not dived max depth 93m, bit collapsed.

Then on to the Sincere in 48-72m, Probably direct back to Singapore,
or stop along the way and dive the Aur a tanker, or the Sara D. Can
be done in 8 days, but 9 best

Southern route, with no day off going via the Jap destroyer,
"Shimotsuki" 62-73m,
The a new site the "Humanity ace" upright small freighter to 68m,
Nippo Maru (ex-ningpo) 28-43m.

An 8 day trip, easy

Paul McMurrick

Oct 12, 2010, 11:43:23 PM10/12/10
looks great

working on it


Alex Towns

Oct 12, 2010, 11:54:42 PM10/12/10

looks interesting... any chance of a creche onboard..? First baby Towns is
due next month so will need to earn a HECK of a lot of brownie points for
May... Sep could be worked on if I take over chief nappy duty ;} but
outside chance at this stage

Best Regards
Alex Towns
Alex Towns
Senior Managing Consultant
IBM Maximo Asset Management
IBM Corporation | Global Business Services
+61 (0)437 950699 |
IBM Centre | 601 Pacific Hwy | St Leonards | NSW | 2065 | Australia

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Oct 13, 2010, 12:06:02 AM10/13/10
Does that mean that you have a Kiss for sale or exchange for a cot ?????

Poor smuck ..... regards Baz 
Southern Cross Divers
3/235 Spit Rd
Mosman, Sydney
NSW 2088, Aus

tel +61 2 99695072

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