Kwajalein Atoll

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Feb 18, 2011, 10:22:35 PM2/18/11
to Southern Cross Divers
Guys ... I am trying to get a trip up and running to dive Kwajalein
and as such I need to get 8 people together for the boat charter.

This is not a trip to Bikini but you can book on to a charter after
our trip if you wish seeing you are there anyway.

Kwajalein Atoll is located 2,400 miles southwest of Hawaii in the
Marshell Island group. The atoll is made up of dozens of tiny islands
of which the largest is called Kwajalein Island and is current the
site of an American army missile range.

To get to this superb location is a major epic in it self, with trips
up to six different airports over several days BUT once there you will
find all the location well worth the effort. We are looking at other
routes at present via Hawaii. The cream of the wrecks is the Prinz
Eugen. This vessel is a German Admiral Hipper class heavy cruiser with
a displacement of 14,800 tons. She is 200m long and sits with her
stern out of the water and her bow in 35m. The vessle is completely
upside down which makes for some very interesting diving in the 28 deg
clear water. She had an armament of eight 8" guns in 4 turrets, twelve
4.1" AA guns, twelve 37mm AA guns and twelve 21" torpedo tubes in
groups of three.

The dates booked are at present Fly out 30/05 and fly back 13/June but
these may change once I have worked out the flight schedules.

This trip is with the same company that has just signed up with the
locals to work Bikini once more. The vessel we will be using is MV
Indies Trader.

Indies Trader

Indies Trader has 8 passenger bunks

Trader 1 has a total of 14 beds, 8 for passengers in 4 x 2 berth
cabins. There is crew accommodation in the forecastle for 4 and the
Skipper and Chef sleep in the bridge,

Price includes food , soft drinks juices and beer, Air fills fuel &
lube for the Vessel and Tender

Diving consumables –sorb and O2 are at landed cost plus 15%

Trader 1 has 2 x Bauer k14 compressors.

One local divemaster and the skipper dives

Useful links

All pictures used on this page have come from the websites below. I
would like to thank both Dave Fortin and Scott Johnson for permission
to use their work ... many thanks guys!

Dave Fortin's website

Other interesting websites

Pacific wrecks

Anyone interested please let me know ASAP. ... regards Baz
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