CFP: Workshop for NLP Open Source Software (NLP-OSS)

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Mar 4, 2018, 9:12:11 PM3/4/18
to STS SemEval
Sorry for cross posting. It's great to see STS tasks participants and organizers have created many OSS! 

Hopefully this is an avenue to consider if anyone wants to share nuggets of OSS knowledge.


*Workshop for NLP Open Source Software (NLP-OSS)*
20 July 2018, Co-located with ACL 2018

Deadline for Long and Short Paper submission: 25th March 2018 
(23:59, GMT-11)

The First Workshop for NLP Open Source Software (NLP-OSS) will be co-located 
with ACL 2018 at Melbourne, Australia on 20 July 2018. 

Focusing more on the social and engineering aspect of NLP software 
and less on scientific novelty or state-of-art models, the Workshop for NLP-OSS 
is an academic forum to advance open source developments for NLP research, 
teaching and application.

NLP-OSS also provides an academic workshop to announce new software/features, 
promote the collaborative culture and best practices that go beyond the conferences.

We invite full papers (8 pages) or short papers (4 pages) on topics related to 
NLP-OSS broadly categorized into (i) software development, (ii) scientific 
contribution and (iii) NLP-OSS case studies.

 - **Software Development**
   - Designing and developing NLP-OSS
   - Licensing issues in NLP-OSS
   - Backwards compatibility and stale code in NLP-OSS
   - Growing an NLP-OSS community
   - Maintaining and motivating an NLP-OSS community
   - Best practices for NLP-OSS documentation and testing
   - Contribution to NLP-OSS without coding
   - Incentivizing OSS contributions in NLP
   - Commercialization and Intellectual Property of NLP-OSS
   - Defining and managing NLP-OSS project scope
   - Issues in API design for NLP
   - NLP-OSS software interoperability
   - Analysis of the NLP-OSS community

 - **Scientific Contribution**
   - Surveying OSS for specific NLP task(s)
   - Demonstration and tutorial of NLP-OSS
   - New NLP-OSS introductions
   - Small but useful NLP-OSS
   - NLP components in ML OSS
   - Citations and references for NLP-OSS
   - OSS vs experiment replicability
   - Gaps between existing NLP-OSS
   - Task-generic vs task-specific software

 - **Case studies**
   - Case studies of how a specific bug is fixed or feature is added
   - Writing wrappers for other NLP-OSS
   - Writing open-source APIs for open data
   - Teaching NLP with OSS
   - NLP-OSS in the industry

Submission should be formatted according to the [ACL2018 templates](


Lucy Park, NAVER Corp.
Masato Hagiwara, Duolingo Inc.
Dmitrijs Milajevs, NIST and Queen Mary University of London
Liling Tan, Rakuten Institute of Technology

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