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Hai Nemani How are you ?

Please find the video link and the following information.


Mr. Ram Kumar Kharb is a progressive farmer and an Agripreneur from the district of Hissar, Haryana. After his retirement from the Haryana state Agriculture Department as Agriculture Development Officer, he has now devoted his time towards farming activities. He has also completed his AC&ABC training from ISAP, Karnal. Agri-clinics and Agri-business Centers is a scheme of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare, Government of India. The scheme is implemented across India by the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, MANAGE, Hyderabad.

A successful Agripreneur Mr.Kharb has 20 acres of land in his possession. Sugarcane is the primary crop that he grows. His cultivation practices are different from traditional practices. After every 3 rows of sugar cane he leaves a vacant space of 12 feet where he grows Vegetables, Wheat, Mustard or Pulses after Sugar Cane is harvested in the months of Oct-December. By leaving this Gap he says sunlight penetration happens at a much better rate leading to efficient Photosynthesis and increased stem size.

Besides this he uses “Jeevamrutham“  in his sugarcane field in the place of fertilizers. A purely organic preparation “Jeevamrutham” has excellent growth promoting and disease prevention properties. No other chemicals or pesticides are used in his fields. He provides Jeevamrutham through water once in a month to the crops. In the first year he says the yields dropped however from the 2nd year onwards the yields have stabilized at 35-40 tons/acre. He also manufactures his own Jaggery, marketed under the name “HRB-Organic Jaggery”.Priced at Rs.100/kg the Jaggery is very much in demand.

From 1 acre of sugar cane yield he manufactures 35-40 quintals of Jaggery.A successful farmer and an Agripreneur Mr. Ram Kumar Kharb has made an impact in this area and today more than 50 farmers have adopted his practices and ideas.



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