Does Google penalty the same content and design of 2 different domains and languages?

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May 8, 2014, 1:43:55 PM5/8/14


I have website X in language X placed on domain

I want to register a new domain where to place the same content and design. But the content will be translated into language Y.

The idea is that I want to have 2 different domains (one .com and one .net, domains are teh same, only sufixes are com and net) of my sites designed for 2 different countries in 2 different languages.

So - 2 different domains sufixes (com and net) in 2 different languages but 2 equal content and designs.

Is that wrong and can Google punnish my sites for duplicate content or deems them as phising? 

I do not want to do this for SEO. I want to have 2 parallel websites in 2 different languages for 2 different country markets.

Thank you!

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