R/qtlcharts version 0.9-6

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Karl Broman

Jun 2, 2017, 10:57:29 AM6/2/17
to R/qtl announcements
A new version of R/qtlcharts (for interactive graphics) is available on CRAN; see also http://kbroman.org/qtlcharts

  • Updated to use D3 version 4
  • Add new tool for exploring pleiotropy for two traits, ipleiotropy()
  • All charts now can take a caption within chartOpts which will show up as text below the figure. This is intended for stand-alone html files.
  • iplotScanone now includes a quantitative scale for x-axis in the case of a single chromosome
  • In iplotScanone and iplotScantwo, in phenotype × genotype plots when switching between markers on the same chromosome, we animate the movement of points
  • Fixed X chromosome case in iplotScantwo so only relevant two-locus genotypes are shown
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